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Racist Remarks Against Lisa Starts to Spread Due to “Unattractive” Outfit

BlackPink’s member Lisa had been on the receiving end of hurtful comments online last week after the popular K-Pop girl group had attended the 33rd Golden Disk Awards held in Seoul.

Considered the Korean equivalent of America’s Grammys, the event saw the four-member music outfit winning a Bonsang award for its hit song, Ddu-Du Ddu-Du.

But the happy moment was diluted severely as Lisa was singled out in photos of the group from the first day of the event by certain uncouth Netizens who tore her apart for her apparent unflattering garb.

According to Koreaboo, the worse part was that some of the negative comments had zeroed in on her Thai nationality, which was used to shame her as well.

These cruel Netizens also claimed that she was only attractive because of Korean makeup and underneath it all she was just an average Thai woman.

When BlackPink kicked off its 2019 World Tour (In Your Area) series of concerts last weekend in Bangkok, which is Lisa’s hometown, the other three Korean members took a moment to address that particular controversy.

While in front of BlackPink’s Thai fans, Jennie told them that they should be “proud of Lisa.” She added: “Lisa is really strong and positive. We’ll take good care of her.”

Apparently, the controversy surrounding the unsavoury comments were pretty widespread that it even made it to the news in Thailand.

BlackPink’s fans were naturally outraged by the whole indecent and expressed their dissatisfaction by starting the #RespectLisa campaign, which also saw them having heated discussions with haters on Lisa’s Instagram account.

One fan, or blink as they are known, wrote,

“Lisa is a person and all people deserve respect. She is just a girl with a dream. If you don’t like it because she isn’t Korean then don’t become a fan of the group, but please respect her. She didn’t do anything to you and she couldn’t choose her nationality. #RespectLisa”

Another wrote,

“So Lisa from BlackPink, is being discriminated against for being Thai. It’s 2019, and this bullshit is still happening? Racism is a horrible thing. STOP GUYS! She deserves so much better! #RespectLisa”

Malaysian fans will get to see BlackPink in action soon when the group performs at the Malawati Indoor Stadium in Shah Alam on Feb 23 and 24.

Source: NST

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