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Resorts World Genting’s “Winter Wonderland” Is The Most Christmas Experience You’ll Ever Get In Malaysia!

It’s All Happening at Genting Winter Wonderland.

Christmas — is more than just a celebration, it is a festival of joy and wonderful memories! Nothing beats celebrating Christmas with a trip of warm glows and bright lights; showering you and your love ones in the splendour of Christmas’ magical decorations and exciting events.

From November 28th 2019 to January 1st 2020, “It’s All Happening at Genting Winter Wonderland”.

It is a celebration of European Christmas festive season experience merriment under the light of night stars and cool dash of breeze.

The Christmas Light Up show is the one not to be missed.

Taking place at the outdoor Metro park, the 30 minutes spectacle features astounding Christmas performances with the likes of Brian Keith Zimmerman as Santa Claus and award-winning international ice skaters all the way from Russia.

It will also be a stage of beautiful tunes by Malaysia’s The Broadway Choir Group and a Christmas Quartet to sprinkle you with the magics of musical Christmas moments.

A Christmas Winter Wonderland under the stars.

Christmas is never complete without a festive evergreen and the three-storey towering crystalline Christmas tree is more than enough to make your Christmas better than before!

And around the towering tree, you can get pretty Christmas goodies in the European Christmas Markets, as well as mingle and much on delicious treats from 9 food trucks — Italian, decadent hot fish and chips, puddings and cakes, and other festive treats.

Miraculous indoors Christmastime set up.

During this time, Genting’s SkySymphony will be packed with incredible Nutcracker ornamentation. What you can expect at the SkySymphony stage are Snowball Express that takes viewers on an enchanted rife to North Pole.

It is also a home of spectacular Nutcracker figurines flanking a majestic golden organ and a choir of heavenly angels. Here too grand seats the Santa Claus who’ll be very joyful to take pictures with you!

Games, games and more games at Allie’s Courtyard.

Allie the Elephant is welcoming everyone to join her at the glees and funs of Christmas Carnival Celebration in a lively playground. You’ll get to enjoy the best festive games!

Exciting games such as becoming a real-life claw machine in the Tabby Giant Claw Machine, catching falling sticks in Be Fast & Be Sharp Like Callie and avoiding shocks in the Geno Shake Shake No More Challenge awaits and who know’s you might bring home exclusive Resorts World Genting souvenirs as well!

The Christmas Parade by the Highland Heroes

Witness yourself this out-of-this-worldly Christmas Parade that will march through the Carnival several times a day.

Not only it is a flashmob, you’ll get to get up close and personal with the Highland Heroes themselves in a special meet and greet session.

To plan on an amazing winter festive entertainment for your family, visit for further information on Genting Winter Wonderland.

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