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R!UH Unveils Historic Sentul Depot This Malaysia Day Weekend

In supporting Malaysian entrepreneurs, artisans and the creative industry, RIUH is joining forces with Malaysian homegrown, Grab, to host a special RIUH x Grab Malaysia Day Weekend.

RIUH will be powered by GrabPay which will give visitors a completely cashless experience with amazing discounts.

In a span of a year, RIUH has had 14 events with the participation of over 625 creative entrepreneurs, conducted over 28 creative workshops, showcased over 450 musicians, visual artists and performing artists.

On average, RIUH hosts 8,500 visitors per month from various backgrounds – locals, expatriate and tourists, who with their family and friends are able to experience what creative Malaysia can offer.

Visitors can expect all things Malaysian at RIUH this Malaysia Day Weekend with products ranging from batik, kids apparels, fine jewelry to woodworks, books and succulents.

Notable brands include Amazin’ Grace, Kakiseni, Tiny Forest, The Straits Finery, Kvik, Batik Tektura, Pungu Borneo and many more.

Not forgetting live music and cultural dances by ASK Dance Company, Zamaera, The Frankie Sixes led by Reza Salleh, Ryot Jones, Tiga Soul and Orang-Orang Drums.

For this special RIUH x Grab Malaysia Day weekend, Grab is also working with homegrown entrepreneurs and creative social enterprises such as Pantun Pins and The Hive to create limited-edition Grab Malaysia Day merchandise.

Patrons will also get the chance to win up to RM100 worth of Grab rides or GrabFood promo codes when they try the ‘Cuba Try Machine’.

This coming RIUH will be the inaugural event to be hosted at a gem of a venue-kept hidden from the eyes of the community for many years, yet, rich in heritage and history dating back to 1905 – the historical Sentul Depot located at the heart of Sentul West.

The unveiling of the 200,000 square feet Sentul Depot, with its stunning colonial-brickwork buildings, to the public for the first time in its 100-year history is YTL Land’s gesture of breathing new life to the space and “returning” it to the Malaysian community which it once served.

So what are you waiting for? Clear your calendars this weekend and spend the entire day at this Instagram-worthy spot. Don’t feel left out either when you see your social media feed being filled with gorgeous photos because we already jio you.

Details below:

Dates : 15th & 16th September, 2018 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time : 11am until 9pm
Location : Sentul Depot (Google Maps, Waze)
Address : Sentul West, 51100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

PS, there’s a special Grab discount worth RM8 for two rides between anywhere and Sentul Depot.

There are ample parking spaces there but the ground’s all sand and mud, so it’s highly recommended that you take a Grab Car instead.

Also, some parts of the building are still under maintenance. Hence, please follow instructions and do avoid venturing into cordoned off areas.

For more information, follow R!UH’s Instagram for the latest updates.

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