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As the producer of one of the most successful Korean reality show, it must be great to hold such a title under his belt. However, Jung Cheol Min is as humble as he gets.

Since Cheol Min took over the PD role on April 2017, he has continued the legacy that is Running Man. Since working with the cast for many months now, he has come to flourish a wonderful relationship with each of the member.

According to Koreaboo, he recently went for an interview and revealed what he truly loved about the Running Man cast.

Yoo Jae Suk & Ji Suk Jin

“When meeting up with Yoo Jae Suk and Ji Suk Jin, they’ll talk about anything and everything from their lives to Running Man, for 6 hours.

“It makes me feel like they care about me too, as a person, and not just the producer of Running Man.

“When I spend time with Yoo Jae Suk, I can learn so many things. Because he’s been on variety shows for so long, his instincts are the best. I have many things to learn from him as a junior, not just a PD.”


Kim Jong Kook

“When I became the head of production in April, I met up with Kim Jong Kook. I was worried about a lot of things then. He told me the production team shouldn’t stress out about viewer ratings.

“He said ‘the important thing is that we are doing this together. So do what you want to do. That’s the right thing.’ I was really thankful to him for that.”


Song Ji Hyo

“When Song Ji Hyo sees our show’s viewer ratings increase, she comes and pats me on the back and says ‘(the ratings increased) because you always work so hard, I’ll work hard too.’

“But she also seems fatigued. She felt a lot of burden because her image as the show’s ‘Ace’ is very big. We’ve talked about it and now she feels a lot less burdened about it.

“She jokes around a lot with Jeon So Min. I want the viewers to know that she works very hard on the show.”


Lee Kwang Soo

“I’m really thankful for Lee Kwang Soo. He has many worries as an actor but when he comes to record for Running Man, he forgets it all and works very hard.

“He is extremely loyal and takes good care of the younger members. He often calls me early in the day and we talk for a long time.

“Honestly, as a friend, I want to tell him to stop doing variety shows and focus as an actor. But as Running Man’s PD, I want him to stay on the show right until the end. I feel sorry about that.”



“Haha is the most grown-up member. It feels like he is the head of the household. He is good at providing support to others in the middle of filming.

“He’s someone who always cheers me on and supports me.”


Jeon So Min & Yang Se Chan

“Jeon So Min and Yang Se Chan are reliable and I’m thankful for that.

“I feel like I am very blessed. Meeting members that are this nice, I think I should work even harder to make a better program for them.”


Clearly the relationship between the production team and cast members are crucial to ensure the best quality show for us fans.

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