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Last weekend was probably the most exciting one for many Malaysians as two massive concerts took place in one weekend. On Saturday, it was none other than Jay Chou’s concert at Stadium Merdeka, and the legendary Jacky Cheung’s concert at Axiata Arena.

Of course, according to Murphy’s Quantam Law, anything and everything that could go wrong, will go wrong.

In Jinnyboy’s case, he and and his wife, Michelle Ng, were unfortunately scammed by a horrid person!

Source: Jinnyboy

In a Facebook post, Jinny explained what had happened. He said,

“[I] was really excited to catch Jay Chou’s sold out show tonight, but unfortunately the tickets sold to my wife is fake.

“Long story short this guy contacted my wife saying he has tickets to sell because he couldn’t make it.

“This really sucks cause we paid quite a bit of money to get these tickets only to find out they were fake at the door, I thank the gatekeepers for being very professional and patient with me as it comes as a shock to us.

“We were not the only ones and it kinda sucks that these kinda things happen.”

The seller used a decoy phone number and name (Lee Jian Wei) to throw things off their trail. He even sent his ‘friend’ to meet with Michelle to hide his identity, and made sure it was a cash payment to avoid any tracing.

Of course, organiser’s step to avoid reselling of tickets, the name of the buyer is actually printed on tickets.

For Jinny and his wife’s ticket, the name printed was Ooi Wei Khang. Many other people stepped up in the comments section to say that they too were most likely scammed by the same person as their tickets also had Ooi Wei Khang printed on it.

Source: Jinnyboy

Unfortunately, Wei Khang wasn’t the perpetrator. He contacted Jinny to clear his name as he too was a victim in this whole scam.

He explained to Jinny that he had indeed  bought 10 tickets in total, but only 6 of those were for him, his girlfriend, his sister and the sister’s friends.

The remaining 4 tickets were for his friends, but his friends had sold the tickets to other people.

“I was thinking maybe [the other people] are the true culprit who bought the ticker from [my friends] and used it to produce fake tickets.

“I’m currently trying to collect contact information of those people who bought the tickets from my friends.”

Source: Jinnyboy

Wei Khang was very willing to cooperate with Jinny to solve this issue as he wanted to clear his name and any misunderstanding with people, especially his family members.


Jinny just hopes that no one else will fall for this trick like how he and his wife did.

“To be honest, there is nothing I or anyone can really do right now. If you’re reading this and sharing this, I hope you’ll learn from my mistake.

“From now on, every resale ticket will be FAKE to me.”

“And if the person who scammed us is reading this, F YOU. I hope you rot in hell for what you’ve done to innocent fans who want nothing but to watch their idol live.

“I guess it’s back to Spotify for now.”

Indeed, scamming someone is not only a heartless thing to do, it is also against the law. So, the next time any of you think about committing a fraud, just remember that you will go to jail and be fined.

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