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Shane Filan and Local Artists Light Up The City of Elmina

The City of Elmina came alive as Sime Darby Property presented its First Lakeside Concert – Elmina Lakeside Concert.

At dusk, visually-pleasing lights glow up the Central Park at City of Elmina before the LED butterfly performance marked the start of the concert.

Concert-goers were greeted by emcees of the night – Jinnyboy and Reem Shahwa as they introduced the act of the night – Fazura, who performed a string of hits off her album, including her latest single “Can’t Forget Me”, accompanied by a live band.

Local celebrity and Fazura’s husband Fattah Amin dropped a surprise visit and performed a song, the couple closed their set with a duet “Paling Sempurna”.

Namewee who entertained the crowd for half an hour with a live band, including his chart- topper “To The North” and muhibbah anthem “Ali, Ah Kau Dan Muthu.”

Then came the moment everyone waited for – Shane Filan of Westlife fame had the stage all to himself.

The Irish singer performed well-known Westlife classics such as ‘Uptown Girl”, “Swear It Again”, and also his own tracks like “Heaven”, “Beautiful in White”, before ending the night with “You Raise Me Up”.

Concert-goers were also entertained by Internet star PongPong, 11-year-old beatboxer Sawyer Leong and lawyer graduate turned violinist Josh Kua, who performed a medley of Westlife hits.

The free, more than two-hour concert was organized by Universal Music Malaysia and presented by Sime Darby Property. The concert also marked the opening of the first 36 acres of the 300-acre Elmina Central Park, chosen as the concert’s venue.

The central park is home to Malaysia’s first Inclusive Playground scheduled for completion in the first half of 2019.

Once completed, it will enable children with and without disabilities to play together as equals, while creating opportunities for inter-generational interaction within families and enhancing social cohesion of the wider community.

Prior to the concert, patrons were treated with a carnival filled with fun and games, which saw hot air balloons filling up the skyline along with yoyo cars, wall climbing, inflatable obstacle courses and food trucks on ground.

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