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Singapore Hip Hop Group Yeti Pack is Blessing 2019 with a lot of ‘Fengshui’

Yeti Pack, an outfit of four men kick starts 2019 by spreading their latest single, Fengshui across the globe.The four dashing rappers of Yeti Pack are YELLO DICAPRIO, AFRO JUNIOR, RVND and Rush Martines.

The members of this Singapore-based group are a mixture of North American, European and Asian acts.

The quartet brings hip hop and rap to a whole new alternative with their triumphant anthems and ridiculously bopping beats.

Although diverse in their backgrounds, music senses, and race, they harmonise each other as one through the pieces that they have created together.

The four were formed back in 2017 and now have 10 singles including Fengshui.

Fengshui is a follow up from the immensely celebrated single, Broke AF.

Fengshui’s music video sets in an East-Asian-esque plucks and synths of the nostalgic Higher Brother’s Made in China, with Three 6 Mafia lyrical braggadocio to boot, with fight scenes choreographed by Corey-Yuen.

“I rock the red and the green, this is not supreme, this for the luck” – Yello.

What YELLO DICAPRIO is trynna say is that you gotta still look good with the intention to bring yourself out to the world not based on the materialism but realism. In other words, let’s keep things real!

Let’s see what the guys are all about!


A friend of his was dating a producer that later he was introduced to.

‘Green Cap’ was his debut in 2017 and the young singer rhapsodises about the sordid consequences of drug abuse, falling for the wrong people and inner self conflict.

Jonathan-Davis-of-Korn-type issues mixed with occasional Juicy J-esque humour and a pre-dubstep Sonny Moore steeped in emotional honesty combined with a vast pop culture lexicon is his vibe!


RVND // Arvind Jay

The man lits on neon lights, thundering beats, energising synths and…HIP HOP! Growing up the high influence on science-fiction, RVND merges old-school synth-wave and new-age hip-hop.

The mastermind of the existential and introspective lyrics over epic beats has all it takes for his songs to be film soundtracks. RVND effuses a cool flow when with the Yeti Peck that is bound to leave everyone with double entendres for days!


AFRO JUNIOR // Ben Obaje

Born in Nigeria, AFRO JUNIOR grew up listening to old-school American suburbs hip hop.

He’s also an Asian-African. Wills to accept challenges in to produce different sounds/vibes/emotions, through his music, AFRO JUNIOR was the one who introduced the whole group together.

He does not only aim for fame but to be a voice in his generation. Names of J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Blu are his inspirations. It’s only a matter of time where the rapper can get together with his favourite idols.


Rush Martines // Russell Martines

The band’s resident heart-breaker is all about the sensuality of music and he is one whose not afraid to tap into his emotional side.

Rush reels from a Punk Rock background and as a Reggaeton dancer, he offers a stint on hip hop that has never been heard before. He vibes with pieces from Big Sean Sum 41, Don Omar and Yankee Daddy.

He debuted with ‘Lock’ on all major platforms back in December last year.


The combination of these four unique individuals really produce an amazing piece which is something that we all should be looking forward to. 

‘Fengshui’ is available on Spotify and is added to Spotify’s official playlists – Beats & Rhymes, New Music Fridays Singapore and New Music Fridays Malaysia. 

May 2019 be a good year for the Lion City based boys as they are about to make history! 

Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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