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South Korean Heart-Throb Jo Jung Suk And Singer Gummy To Be Expecting Their First Child

Starting off the day with such a beautiful news!

The South Korean heart-throb Jo Jung Suk who is known for his incomparable chemistry with Kyungsoo in ‘My Annoying Brother’ and the singer to ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ OST ‘You Are My Everything’⁠—Gummy will be expecting their first child later mid this year!

image taken from: sbs

Their agency, C-Jes Entertainment had made announcement on the 6th of January confirming that Gummy is indeed 7 weeks pregnant!

The two had started their blooming romance back in 2013⁠—but only went public in 2015⁠—which means the two had been dating for 5 years before saying their “I do’s” last year in 2018.

▲ Lovebirds Jo Jung Suk and Gummy had tied the knot on October 8th, 2018.

C-Jes Entertainment also added to explain that both Jo Jung Suk and Gummy are delighted about their first pregnancy. Gummy whom is still in her early stage of her pregnancy will be minimizing her activities and will focus on her well-beings as a future mother for the time being.

Congratulations to Jo Jung Suk and Gummy!

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