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Spotify Gets You Ready for BLACKPINK’s World Domination

The countdown for the hottest K-POP girl group concert in Malaysia is almost ending as we are only three days away from their first-ever world tour!    

They will be ready to rock the stage of Melawati Indoor Stadium, Shah Alam on the 23rd and 24th February. This weekend is in for a treat from the energetic ladies!

As we anticipate their presence, let’s not miss the chance to catch-up on all of their songs exclusively on Spotify.


Spotify has created a playlist exclusively for you BLINKs out there. ‘This is BLACKPINK’ is the only playlist that you need to indulge in before the actual concert this coming weekend.

The playlist consists of 20 songs; a combination of the original versions, the Japanese versions, and Jennie’s SOLO.

According to Spotify, Blackpink ranked at number #3 on the list of most streamed groups category in Malaysia.

Up close and personal, Spotify shares with you 5 interesting facts about BLACKPINK that every BLINKs would want to know:

  • “Square Up”, BLACKPINK’s debut EP, rose the group’s popularity on Spotify and simultaneously racked up global monthly listenership on the music streaming platform with an amazing 4.5 million users. They currently have more than 11 milliom monthly listeners on Spotify.
  • BLACKPINK has only NINE originals songs as of today.
  • Making themselves global has given them the opportunity to be the first ever K-pop girl group set to perform at Coachcella 2019!
  • Their tickets were sold out like hot cakes, and this made them add an extra show in Malaysia so that no fan is left out.
  • The group signed with a US label in 2018 which opened more opportunities for the group to be involved in more cross-cultural collaboration; emulating their success with the song Kiss & Make Up with the talented English singer-songwriter, Dua Lipa.

This is all thanks you lovely BLINKs.

Now who’s really excited for the weekend?

Play This Is BLACKPINK now on Spotify! Make sure to sing-along so you can enjoy the concert later on well prepared! 

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Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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