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Star-Studded Mandarin Pop Concert to See Both Local and Taiwanese Artists

As part of MacpiePro’s Crazy 20 plan, Mandarin Pop Concert 2019 will be the first Mandarin concert held in the Arena of Stars at 8.30pm on 20th April 2019 (Saturday) with the remarkably talented singers from three different countries.

It will surely be a night where the fans will get to enjoy the extraordinary music experience with the singers.

The singer line-up including local singer-songwriter Victor Wong, Korean born Taiwanese singer Bii, Taiwanese rock singer Roger Yang Pei-An, China singer Jeno Liu Liyang and Malaysia music duo FS (Fuying & Sam).

On the concert day, they will bring numbers of popular songs on stage.

In the past 25 years, local singer-songwriter Victor Wong has released 11 solo albums in total.

In the recent years, his reputation has increased a lot after he participated in several TV programmes and reality shows which including “I Am a Singer”, “Mask Singer” and “Talented Singer”.

Korean born Taiwanese singer Bii gained his fame after he released a song named as “After Turning Away”.

Being able to play various musical instruments which include guitar, drums, and piano and have a good sense of music creation allow him to release 5 albums since debut.

Previously, he also held two solo concerts in Malaysia.

Roger Yang Pei-An is a Taiwanese rock singer known for breaking out as an ‘undiscovered’ talent at the age of 35 in the Taiwanese music industry with the hit song, “I Believe” that established his powerhouse leading him to be dubbed as the “Iron Lung Prince” by the Taiwanese media and the “Treble God” by his fans.

Jeno Liu Liyang first found popularity in the Chinese singing contest in China called as ‘Super Girl’. Her most popular songs includes “I Am Who I Am”, “Gift”, and “Smiling Tear” and etc.

Recently, she produced and distributed an electronic single called “Work For Light”.

While Malaysian music-duo FS (Fuying & Sam) are famous with their songs named as “Detachment’ and “Can You Be In Love With Me Too” with more than 20 million likes.

These 5 groups of singers will be performing at Arena of Stars which is bound to bring the most memorable Mandarin Pop Concert 2019 for their fans.

Mandarin Pop Concert 2019 tickets are priced at RM588 (VIP zone), RM488 (PS1 zone), RM388 (PS2 zone), RM288 (PS3 zone) and RM188 (PS4 zone), available to purchase on 28 th January 2019, 10am via the official website of the organiser

For more information and inquiries on the concert, please contact MacpiePro via Facebook page ( and (

Mandarin Pop Concert 2019

Date: 20 th April 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 8:30pm
Venue: Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands

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Fans can get Mcalls HITS Plan online or offline at 10am on 25 th -27th January, then purchase VIP or PS1 zone concert tickets to enjoy 2 tickets at 35% off and another 2 tickets at 10% off.

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