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Start a New CNY Tradition in Your Family by Spending it in a Water Theme Park

Chinese New Year is perchance one of the most significant festivities in Malaysia bringing together families through reunion gatherings, a time where the atmosphere is echoed with laughter, shimmery red lanterns that exudes vibrancy along stretches of streets and the abundance of delicious homemade cookies that fill the tummy.

With its ‘Crazy Rich’ theme this festive season, Sunway Lost World Of Tambun (LWOT) will be transformed into a land of fortune to bring prosperity to visitors from 5th to 19th February!

A profusion of activities and performances are lined up this season such as the art of divination – ‘Crazy Fortune Teller’, ‘Golden Dragon’ and ‘Sweetest Stack’ that will keep visitors entertained throughout their stay.

For a more joyful touch, visitors can participate in the intriguing contests in store and stand a chance to win amazing prizes!

Other happenings at LWOT include meet and greet sessions with the God of Prosperity and the ‘Crazy Rich Dynasty’ play, that has themes surrounding the importance of being kind and helpful to others, and to remember one’s roots as highlighted in Chinese martial art history.

There are more reasons to celebrate with the ‘Spin It Rich’ game at Malayana Village from 1.00pm to 1.30pm every Friday and Saturday.

For craft enthusiasts, check out the ‘Awesome Playhouse’ for a creative ‘Prosperous CNY Ornaments’ craft and skills session.

Complete the Chinese New Year experience with a traditional lion dance performance by being the first to witness the exclusive and unique acrobatic Lion Dance and LED Dragon Dance on 5th and 6th February at LWOT.

Register online for the ‘Lou Sang’ session for a prosperous toss and better luck with loved ones throughout the year!

Nurul Nuzairi Mohd Azahari, General Manager of Lost World Of Tambun said,

“Chinese New Year is a time where all Malaysians come together to celebrate the diverse history of the Chinese culture.

“As a theme park situated in one of the most historical city in Malaysia steeped in rich cultural heritage, we hope that revellers of all ages, from the young and old would make LWOT the destination choice this festive season and spend quality time with their loved ones amidst the calm of nature, luscious forest and ancient limestone.”

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