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Sulli is Back with a Brand New Reality Show!

Ex-member of f(x), Sulli, is rumoured to be back in the industry after shying away from the media for a long time.

It has been 3 years since her withdrawal from the group but she kept herself busy with solo activities for a bit. However, her presence became pretty cold after a while as she sort of just stopped appearing in any shows.

After a long pause in her public appearances, it seems like Sulli will be breaking the ice by coming onto a new reality show called Jinri Market, Allkpop reported.

Jinri Market is rumoured to be a lifestyle reality program where Sulli will be opening up her own pop-up store and sell certain products. This show is by Kim Ji Wook who moved from CJ E&M to SM CCCLAB.

Image via KpopMap

Sulli was known as one of the prettiest girl group member among all SM Entertainment girl groups alongside Girl’s Generations’ Yoona. She debuted with f(a) in 2009 with the hit song La Cha Ta with Amber, Luna, Krystal and Victoria.

The 24-year-old is also an actress. She’s starred in multiple shows such as To the Beautiful You which is based on the famous Japanese shojo manga series Hanazakari no Kimitachie.

She gained lots of fans through the drama and she was even nominated for the New Star Award and Best Couple Award in SBS Drama Awards thanks to this show.

Image via FIMELA

During the promotion of Red Light, Sulli went on a hiatus from the Korean entertainment industry due to being mentally and physically exhausted from anti-fans’ malicious comments and false rumours about her.

Then in August 2015, Sulli announced that she officially withdrew from the group. Since then, she concentrated on solo activities.

Unfortunately, things weren’t going very well for her as she posted some racy photos on her Instagram which sparked a controversies. ‘Fans’ started attacking her and even claimed she was extremely rude.

Image via Koogle TV

However, despite of all the negative comments and scandals, Sulli is finally ready to made her comeback into the scene by appearing in this variety show.

It’s good to finally see her on television again. We can’t wait to see her show off her witty characteristics through the show.

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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