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Sunny Explains Full Proof Way to Date as an Idol But in It’s Reality So Sad…

The life of an idol typically excludes any romantic relationships. This is due to the fact that the entertainment companies would prefer not to have any sort of scandals but also a large portion of the blame could be put on the fans.

Fans have often bashed and insulted the idol and their partner, or even go as far as to turn into anti-fans. Anti-fans are the type of haters who would go to great lengths to make the idols’ lives a living hell.

As such, many idols would go to great lengths to protect any sort of romantic relationship from the eyes of the public.

According to Koreaboo, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny explained during a talk show a full proof way idols can and should use if they want to go out on dates with their partner.

“This is basic, but I find that people can’t keep themselves from meeting each other alone. But that can be dangerous.

“You need to meet as a group. It’s too dangerous to meet just the two together.”

When host Park Narae questioned spending quality time alone with each other, this was Sunny’s honest but sad reply,

“Just video chat with each other.”

Though it sounds terribly difficult to maintain a healthy relationship this way, the reality is, it still remains awfully challenging to announce a relationship while still holding an idol status.

Certain celebrities such as Super Junior’s Sungmin were asked by ‘fans’ to leave the band after he announced his plans of marrying his non-celebrity girlfriend.

Although he never officially left SM Entertainment nor the group, he’s now sitting out of all promotional activities.

After hearing Sunny’s explanation, Shindong added,

“It would be easiest if the fans could be a little more understanding, but it’s easier said than done.”

Let’s be more understanding of our idols and allow them the privacy they deserve.

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