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Taiwanese Singer Eric Chou Says He Like the Oppo F11 Pro For its Selfie Camera

OPPO Malaysia officially launched the OPPO F11 Pro today.

This time, the OPPO F11 Pro is bringing the ‘F’ series to a whole new level – from Selfie Expert to Brilliant Portrait – featuring a 48-megapixel (MP) image sensor rear camera, providing users an unprecedented night photography experience.

The software and hardware of the device are also upgraded to improve its battery life, gaming performance, and user experience.

In addition, the OPPO F11 Pro boasts an uninterrupted full screen display made possible by a rising front camera module.

OPPO Malaysia engaged famous actor and local heartthrob Fattah Amin as well as Taiwanese singer-songwriter, Eric Chou as the OPPO F11 Pro Ambassador and Brilliant Portrait Icon respectively.

With a large Malaysian fanfare, Taiwanese singer Eric Chou is thrilled to be back in Malaysia for the launch of OPPO F11 Pro.

The singer-songwriter who is also the Portrait Icon for OPPO F11 Pro spoke highly of the smartphone’s 48MP ultra-clear camera feature and its ability to capture brilliant portraits even in low light.

Eric said,

“I enjoy taking night walks to get inspirations for my music by looking at the night views or city lights. Night times is when my inspiration flows, and I love that feeling.

“Not only that, most of my gatherings with family and friends are during night times, so I will take pictures of all of us together and it is great that I have the F11 Pro to capture these moments.

“With its 48MP+5MP Ultra Night Mode camera, I can take great photos without worrying about the quality and experience the freedom of being myself in my pictures as well.”

When xtra asked Eric about his most favourite feature of the smartphone, he replied,

“My favourite feature… Well, I can say there are two actually. Firstly, I really like that the screen is very wide to the point where there’s no border at all.

“Secondly, I really like the selfie camera which pops up. I find it really cute.”

Meanwhile, the product ambassador of OPPO F11 Pro, Fattah Amin, expressed his enthusiasm over the smartphone’s sleek design and innovative technology that matches his personality and lifestyle choices.

He expressed,

“As an actor, my days are always jam-packed and I often turn to my phone to check my schedule, reply to emails, make bookings and share updates on social media.

“What excites me about OPPO F11 Pro is their VOOC 3.0 flash charging technology that allows me to charge my phone at an instance’s moment without interrupting the flow of work.

“The latest F-series phone also comes with Hyper Boost acceleration that ensures a top-quality gaming experience, making it easy for me to take a break and get some entertainment on a busy day.”

Priced at RM1,399, the OPPO F11 Pro, 6GB+128GB version will be available for pre-order at from 19th March 2019 onward until 30th March 2019.

Users can pre-order the device either offline at OPPO Official Concept Stores and authorised dealer stores or online at the OPPO Official Website and OPPO’s e-commerce partners’ sites such as Lazada, Shopee and more.

Consumers may also head to Celcom Blue Cube, Senheng and senQ as alternatives. Pre-order customers will be able to collect their OPPO F11 Pro during its first sales day on 30th March 2019.

For more information check out Oppo’s official website or Facebook page.

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