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Taylor Swift Drops Emotional Heart Wrenching New Track From Lover Album And There Are Theories About That…

Our girl Tay Tay has done it all over again..

Taylor Swift officially drops her emotional heart heart wrenching track ‘ The Archer’ and we just can’t keep our cool anymore.

Unlike her previous vibrant track ‘ You need to calm down’ and ‘ ME’, Tay tay brings emotional and all the feels vibe in ‘The Archer’ because the track basically speaks about her being hurt and her emotional heartbreaking experienced dealing with all sort of people and dramas in life.

Swift told in her Instagram live,

 “There’s a lot that’s covered emotionally and I really wanted to give you track five before the album came out,” said Swift. “I didn’t realize I was doing this, but as I was making albums, I guess I was just kind of putting a very vulnerable, personal, honest, emotional song as track five.”


 Initially Swift made front page headlines because of the drama feud with her previous recordinsg company big guy Scott Borchetta and Scotter Braun. Two years back, she went totally FML with Kanye West and Kim K drama, and there was that high profile ex boyfriends, relationships and not to forget the Katy Perry drama, though now they finally reconcile.

On top of that, people started bashing her because of her friendship with all the famous VS models and there was that drama with Karlie Kloss and Zendaya too. 

Here’s one of the lyrics from the new track

And as usual, When Taylor drops a new track  Swifties are quick to collect all the easter eggs and begin to decipher and interpret the lyrics behind her newly released track and here are some interesting theories about that on Twitter

Woah, we just can’t hold back our tears. And, WE ALWAYS STAN QUEEN TAYTAY FOREVEH!

Listen to the official lyric video of The Archer below!


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