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The Art Scene in Malaysia Magnifies in 2019

As the year draw to a close, there’s almost always a certain hopefulness that prevails. The year ahead is filled with unknown frontiers, paths and possibilities.

The current and future state of the art world may be in a more fascinating state than it has ever been. The coming year will surely convey more changes to human expressions and culture industry than we have found in the past.

New patterns and players will change our ideas and thoughts, and it seems that the future ahead will see greater accessibility to great art.

Since the beginning of time, art has been a great connector of people.

It is how humans have expressed themselves, communicated and shared experiences in every society, race and culture throughout history.

As such, these intrinsic fundamentals of art – the creativity, connection and communication it delivers –– will never change.

But what is changing, and will continue to, is the way in which we discover, connect with and purchase art. Art lovers want richer ways to experience art. They want to be involved in it.

In 2019, we’ll see more experiential installations and opportunities to connect with the artists behind the work. Art lovers will increasingly seek opportunities to learn about the story, process and inspiration behind a piece of artwork.

And while social networks increase the discoverability of art, the more time we spend online, the more we will crave the offline human interaction and storytelling that art delivers.

There is so much to look forward to next year. And here are some exhibitions to watch out for in January 2019!


31, Jalan Riong, Balai Berita Bangsar, KL
+603 2724 8300
Naive Art Exhibition
Jan 10 to 25, 2019

Giorgio dө Chirico said it best: “To beсome truly immortаl, a work of art muѕt escape all human limits… But once theѕe barriers аre broken, іt will enter the realms of childһood visions and dreams.”

The keyword here is childhood. Naive art takes the ordinary and adds enchantment. It turns the reality of adulthood into the weightless joys of youth. Simply put, naïve art turns reality into something else, something better.

Naive art is simple, unaffected and unsophisticated and is usually refers to art made by artists who have had no formal training in an art school or academy.

Naïve art is characterised by childlike simplicity of execution and vision. As such it has been valued by modernists seeking to get away from what they see as the insincere sophistication of art created within the traditional system.

Galeri Prima will be hosting an exhibition on this unique art form, showcasing artists who dabble in this genre including Ali Akbar Osman, Ismail Baba, Elly Nor Suria, Amy Nazira, Ho Mei Kei, Sarah Radzi, Yuyu Roslan, Donald Abraham, Fauzul yusri, Hudry Hayat, Amierul Iskandar, Ahmad Fikril Hanif, Izzat Hamdan, Art Jamila, Hashimah Abu Hazim, Tomi Heri, Satria Utama, Koo Yean Ni.


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