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The Return of Ex-PRISTIN Members; Confirmed New Group’s Name and Official Logo

After the announcement of four ex-PRISTIN members confirmed to be returning into the limelight as a new girl group along with another mysterious member, AlSeulBit Entertainment earlier today has revealed the name of the group and its official logo!

taken from: allkpop.com

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Named HINAPIA, this 5-member girl group consists of ex-PRISTIN members — Eunwoo, Roa (now carries the name Minkyung), Yooha (now carries the name Kyungwon) and Rena (now carries the name Yebin), as well as a 5th member whose identity still kept hidden.

taken from: hype.my

It was reported that the girls have recently wrapped up their debut album jacket photoshoot and done with their music video shooting. As announced, their are preparing for their debut somewhere in November.

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