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These 15 Dogs are the Luckiest Animals on Earth because They Belong to Celebrities

Everyone knows that dogs are men’s bestfriends. Indeed, those fluffy cuteness are not only amazingly adorable, they are some of the most caring and loyal creatures too.

Doggy owners usually hug their pets and some even sleep together with those floofs. #SoJealousRightNow

Now imagine getting all that affection from our favourite celebrities! Who wouldn’t want to be the pets of these amazing people, especially when they are our favourites.

Check out these 15 lucky doggies who belong to some of the most amazing Korean celebrities.

1. Yeontan – BTS’s V

BTS’s V recently raised a Pomeranian puppy named Yeontan. V always shows off his pet dog through BTS’s official twitter account and BTS Vlive too!

This little cutie not only warms V’s heart but all of ARMYs heart too.


2.  Shimkoong – Super Junior’s Leeteuk

Image via Pinterest

Shinkoong means heart flutter in Korean and Super Junior’s Leeteuk’s puppy definitely makes everyone feel ‘shinkoong’ as it is so fluffy and cute.

It is a white Maltese puppy and it often appears in Leeteuk’s personal Instagram and Super TV.


3. Holly – BTS’s Suga

Image via pixtame.com

Suga’s pet dog is a toy poodle and is the fifth member of Suga’s family. Suga adores Holly a lot as his family and BTS members love Holly like their own family too.

Although Suga did not bring Holly out on TV shows, he talks about her all the time especially during fan meetings and concerts.


4. Adam & Eve – SHINee’s Taemin

SHINee’s Taemin has 2 pet dogs, Adam and Eve, which made their appearances through We Got Married with Taemin and Apink’s Naeun. They are the cutest toy poodles on Earth and they have the coolest name too.


5. Mongsuk – Kim So Hyun

Image via thepicta

Mongsuk is Kim So Hyun’s pet puppy and it is a white Maltese. Mongsuk made frequent appearances in So Hyun’s Instagram feed and fans of So Hyun adore it lots.


6. Jack Jack – f(x)’s Amber

Image via Pinterest

Amber’s Jack Jack is a unique and cute dog and apparently it ‘speaks’ Mandarin! What?!

Actually it can understand Mandarin and English because Amber would speak to it in in both languages. Jack Jack is a Pomeranian and it even has an Instagram account with Amber’s pet cat Tuna.

These two cuties have got 147k followers! I don’t even have 1,000! T^T


7. Coco – GOT7’s Mark and Yongjae

Image via Twitter

GOT7’s Mark and Yongjae are Coco’s ‘parents’ as they both take care of Coco together. Besides, Mark and Yongjae also constantly share Coco’s pictures and videos on their personal Instagram account.

Isn’t it a cute little white fluff ball…


8. Bongji and Nori – Park Shin Hye

Image via iniKpop

Park Shin Hye has 2 white Maltese, Bongji and Nori, and they appear frequently in Shin Hye’s personal Instagram account and Twitter.


9. Ahwoo – Jung Il Woo

Image via Kibecy’s Blog

South Korean actor, Jung Il Woo has a pet dog named Ahwoo. It is a bulldog and the actor always puts on different cute outfits on Ahwoo. Awww~


10. Pink – Song Hye Kyo

Image via Amino Apps

Song Hye Kyo has a pet dog who named Pink. It comes from the Bichon Frise family. Hye Kyo always shares her cute pet pictures on social media sites so fans can get a glimpse of the cutie pie.


11. Ginger – Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon

Image via Allkpop

Taeyeon’s pet dog Ginger is a cute toy poodle with black curly hair. Most of Girl’s Generation fans would be familiar with it as Taeyeon always posts pictures and videos of her cute pup.


12. Minki and Gomi – Kang Sora

Image via Amino Apps

Minki and Gomi are toy poodles that are taken care by South Korean actress, Kang Sora. They are both white and brown in colours, and Sora always shows them off through social media sites.


13. Kkoming and Melo – Super Junior’s Yesung

Image via Tumblr

Super Junior’s Yesung has two dogs; Kkoming and Melo.

Both of them are from the Pomeranian family but in different colours. He always shows off his pet dog through his social media sites and ELFs definitely adore these 2 fluff balls as they are cute AF!


14. Monday – EXO’s Sehun

Image via Allkpop

Imagine having this white cotton ball cheer you up on a moody Monday. It will definitely chase away all Monday blues.

Monday’s owner is EXO’s Sehun and having an owner as handsome and popular as Sehun, Monday is one lucky dog. It has made multiple appearances in Sehun’s Instagram account and Vlive.


15. Gaho – Big Bang’s G-Dragon

Image via Pinterest

I’m sure every girl is dying to be Gaho as it can be so close to G-Dragon! Gaho is G-Dragon’s pet dog, and he has brought Gaho to almost all photo shoots and music videos shoots.

It’s obvious that G-Dragon adores Gaho greatly and treats it like his own family.


Being a celebrity’s dog, you will get extra love and attention because fans of the celebrity will love to be you.

If you plan on getting a dog, you can try adopting puppies from shelters. This will help stop the numbers of stray dogs from increasing and rescue them from being abandoned or worse, being put down too.

For more information, you can check out PAWS Animal Welfare Society or SPCA Selangor

Remember to adopt, don’t shop.

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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