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It’s baaaack~!

Well, we all definitely love checking out very sexy and good looking people, and what’s a better excuse to buy a magazine than to spot some hotties there.

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Year in and out, we’ve seen some very desirable men on CLEO’s Hot 50 Bachelors since the inception of this concept. Not only do they choose the best looking guy, they also vote based on talents, intelligence, and skills. (Skills in what, well…it depends 😛 )

Joining this competition isn’t exactly some show-pony thing either. We’ve seen many guys rise to fame and use this as a platform to showcase what they’ve got.

Source: Ask Cleo

Eligible men to join this must tick all these categories:

1. Between 18 to 35 years old
2. NOT married (bachelor mah…but got girlfriend can lah)
3. Will be in Malaysia for the next 6 months
4. Needs to be available for shoots and interviews

Also, if the guys are comfortable to be in front of the camera would be a great bonus!

Obviously, there will be many photoshoots, interviews and even videoshoots to attend to while running in this competition. Hence, being comfy enough to be in front of the lens is actually pretty vital.

Well, if you know a hunk (or if you believe yourself to be one) who will win this, feel free to sign them (or yourself) up over here.

You could say this is a smaller-scale and male version of beauty pageants. But it is definitely a good platform to expose yourself out for the world to see.

Don’t wait anymore! Go sign up now.

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