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This Female K-POP Idol Actually Wants to GAIN Weight!

South Korean singers are typically expected to have a certain shape to their body. Men must have abs and women must be stick-thin.

Of course, in recent years, society has come to terms with recognising healthier body shapes over ‘ideal’ ones and are becoming less expectant of celebrities.

Which is why fans of PRISTIN’s Nayoung were worried when she suddenly lost a lot of weight and people believe that it is far below 50kgs, which she claims to be her weight.

However, she made a surprising revelation during her appearance in Hello Counsellor recently.

A guest on the programme revealed that her sister was having weight issues. She said,

“My sister’s goal is 45 kilograms, but her personality became bad. She was nice when she was chubby but her personality changed as she lost weight.”

To this, Nayoung expressed that she actually wanted to gain weight.

She explained,

“I meet friends while I work out regularly.

“I go back and forth between 49-50 kilograms. I’m trying to gain weight. It’s most important to be healthy.”

Typically, people would be talking about wanting to lose weight but Nayoung’s body goals has inspired many other girls out there to aim for a healthier number instead.

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