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This Malaysian Singer Just Won World Music Artist of the Year in America!

While not many may have heard of her or her songs, but this Melaka-born singer-songwriter Lyia Meta recently made Malaysia proud when she was named recipient of World Music Artist Of The Year at the 2018 Josie Music Awards.

Held last month, the awards show is one of the largest events the world which honours independent artistes from all over the world.

The 47-year-old was also the only Malaysian artiste at the event held at the Celebrity Theatre in Dollywood, Pigeon Forge in Tennessee.

“Being the only Malaysian there, I felt ecstatic. I cannot deny I was very apprehensive in the beginning and was nervous.

“It was a surreal experience bagging the award as I know the calibre of musicianship there and it felt so affirming on a personal level,” she was quoted in a recent news report.

Earlier this year, Lyia released a single and a self-produced music video titled Without Walls, which were inspired by her own experience going through tough times both in her career and life.

In 2015, Lyia put out an EP titled This Is Lyia which had gained international recognition.

“As an indie musician, it can be hard to get your voice heard. Major radio stations are not going to simply pick your music up so you have to find an avenue that works for you,” she said in another news report.

Currently, Lyia is working on a single written by Britain’s multi award-winning songwriter Paul Michael Curtis. It will be featured in a compilation album under American record label Bongo Boy Records.

She is also joining hands with The International Singer Songwriters Association in a song that features voices from different parts of the world.

Both singles are slated for release soon.

Check out her song here:

Source: NST

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