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#ThrowbackThursday Produce X 101 Moments that Disintegrated Our Wigs and Left Us Gagged Part 1

Now that Produce X 101 has finished airing, what are we gonna do with our lives?

Of course we are excited and thrilled for the debut of X1 (and possibly BY9 as well), but we just can’t help to feel empty without seeing the boys on stage. So, since today is Thursday and #ThrowbackThursday is still a thing, why not we reminisce the moments in the show that actually gagged us and shook us for the gods?

Let’s kick off the our first #ThrowbackThursday with the iconic 31 boys 5 concept stage!


Giving us BABYNATION vibes with ‘Baby Girl’.

Just one word, UWU! YES, MAJOR UWU! Literally the stage that melts the hearts of all unnies out there. Who can blame them though? They’re just too cute to resist! So parents, take note! Just because your kids are smiling at their phones, it doesn’t mean that they have a boyfriend. They’re probably just watching this performance HAHA. And who’s gonna tell Minhee, the one claiming to hate cute things, that he OWNS the concept?!


When ‘Super Special Girl’ was performed in the most flawless way ever! Like literally!

Literally the most underrated stage out of all the groups! It doesn’t make sense they only got 92 votes out of 2000! Like hello audience, are you okay? Even the trainers said the stage is flawless! Their vocals! Their raps! And that high note tho! Gurl, wig snatched! But one thing for sure, why were they performing in a ‘Finding Nemo’-inspired set when the whole song screams galaxy?


When ‘Move’ serves us the ultimate DADYNATION for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The fact that only three of them managed to get into top 20 after this performance is just beyond bull-feces! Every single one of the members are exploding with charisma and talent! They almost look like a worldwide group already! The dance, the vocals, the raps, the visual! STUNTING! Not that I like to compare, but this performance is the ‘Rumor’ of Produce X 101. And that’s the tea.


Tens! Tens! Tens across the board! Singing ‘Monday to Sunday‘ eight days a week.

From the visuals up to the vocals and raps, they are killing it! And, Lee Hyeop’s high note! YAAAASSS, werk those vocals boy! His high notes should have earned more reactions from the mentors but WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE CAMERAMAN NOT SHOWING HIM WHEN HE SINGLE-HANDEDLY CANCELDT ALL VOCALIST? And Tony as centre?! WE STAN!


‘Got U’ performance that makes us scream TAKE ME! TAKE ME!

Who would have thought Yohan, who’s originally a vocalist would be rapping and Seungwoo, who’s originally a rapper would be singing? TALK ABOUT TALENT! This stage is the ultimate visual bomb, with Wooseok and Yohan serving us looks! And Seungwoo’s vocal? Sis is speechless! From the start till the end, the entire 3 minutes 53 seconds experience is pure perfection!


Okay, that is all for this week’s #ThrowbackThursday. We’ll be bringing you more gag-worthy content next Thursday so stay tuned! For now, let’s us all wrap in our blankets and watch these performances until 2020.


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