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Wang LeeHom to Stop by Kuala Lumpur for Descendants of the Dragon 2060 Tour

Dubbed by Los Angeles Times as the ‘King of Chinese Pop,’ Multi-talented Manda-pop star Leehom will be making a return to Malaysia with his ongoing “Descendants of the Dragon 2060” World Tour.

This brand new concert started out last year has toured major cities including Beijing, Nanjing Shanghai, Shenzhen,
Singapore and etc. And the Malaysia gig is slated on 16 March 2019 at the Stadium Merdeka Kuala Lumpur at 8pm.

Acclaimed one of the most highly anticipated tours of recent years, the new show features the production team from
the Grammys.

“Descendants of the Dragon 2060” not only uses storylines as clues to depict its repertoire but it allows fans to experience a journey into the future with cool high-tech techniques, it is a massive technical achievement, with a unique sci-fi stage set in the form of a huge spaceship,sophisticated LED lighting, holograms, animated movies and superb choreography.

Musically, audience can expect the dynamic fusion of jazz, rock, Chinese opera and blending of Western and Chinese instruments Wang is renowned for.

Leehom says Descendants of the Dragon 2060 World Tour represents the future of Chinese ethnicity and tradition,
and will transport his fans to a brave new world of love, peace and equality.

Every 12 years when the Year of the Dragon comes around, he releases a brand-new version of the hit track “Descendants of the Dragon”, because he wants the song to live on with different creative arrangements, and sing it until it is 2060.

Since his debut in the Chinese music industry 24 years ago, Leehom has been regarded for his musical talent. His music has been considered a connection between the 80s and 90s.

Popular hits include “Forever Love”, “Falling Leaves Returning to Roots (落叶归根)”, “You’re Not Here (你不在)”, “All the Things You Never Knew (你不知道的事)’, “The Only One (唯一) ” and etc.

Tickets sale starts 19th January, 2019!

Presented by MIA, organized by Unusual Entertainment, Star Planet as supporting partner, ticket sale will commence on 19th January,starting from 11AM via

Tickets are priced at RM898 (VVIP), RM798(VIP), RM598(Cat 1), RM498 (Cat 2), RM388 (Cat 3), RM288 (Cat 4) and RM198 (Cat 5) (exclude RM4 processing fee).

10% discount to be extended to VVIP, VIP, CAT 1, CAT 2 and CAT 3 tickets, discount only valid from 19 to 21 January
2019, terms apply.

Each transaction limited to 8 tickets only. 1,000 lucky winners will be drawn among the VVIP and VIP ticket purchasers to receive a concert poster to be personally autographed by Leehom.

Ticket Hotline: Ticket Charge 03-9222 8811. For more information, please log on to

Don’t miss this chance to catch Leehom live in this 1-night only performance on 16 March 2019, and to witness the
awakening of “Bahamut”, as Leehom uses it to bring everyone a captivating performance!

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