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Wanna Take That Super Cool OOTD’s and Selfies For Raya? Huawei P30 User Can Try These 7 Hacks!

Time flies so fast when we are so caught up with everything, there’s only a week left before Hari Raya! Hooray! Raya is the perfect time for the family and relatives to gather around and capture the  sweetest Hari Raya moments together with Huawei P30. So, let’s take a look at these 7 super cool technologies for you to amp your Hari Raya! Let’s check this out!

1.HUAWEI P30’s Super Zoom 50x Function Capture The Most Fantastic Raya Selfies and OOTD’s  

Looking at this picture remind us of our kampung. Raya is a once in a year festival, don’t miss out to take a wonderful photo of your kampung with the amazing Huawei P30! If you’re back in the town and you missed that kampung vibe, you can just scroll down your photo album okay!

You don’t even need to have that superb photography skilled because Huawei P30 offers you Super Zoom 50x, for sure you don’t want to miss out taking tons of Hari Raya photos!

2.Don’t Worry! You Can Still Take Coolest Picture Even In The Dark Because Huawei P30 Super Night Mode Has The Answer

With Huawei P30, you no longer have any excuse not to take pictures with your family, even when the lighting is not superb at night. Maybe, it’s a little bit unusual for you guys to take pictures around night time. But when it comes to Raya, there are lots of open houses to visit till late night. So, you guys shouldn’t be worried because you can take that gorgeous OOTD or even taking selfies at night, Huawei P30 can sort it all out. Just take a look at this photo right here, so cool isn’t it?

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Capture the unseeable in the dark of the night. @erikmadiganheck shows us how the #HUAWEIP30Pro Low Light setting is done. #CapturedOnHuawei

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 Bring light to those special moments of magic with low light shooting on the #HUAWEIP30Pro. Photo by @erikmadiganheck #CapturedOnHuawei

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3. Can’t Figure Out The Perfect Fit For Baju Raya? Chill, Guys Because We’ve Got Huawei AR Measure To Do It For You!

Huawei P30 with AR Measure makes your Raya even easier because you won’t be feeling anxious and   worry anymore over the online baju Raya size that doesn’t fit!

Huawei P30 offers you TOF camera (Time of Flight) complete with sensor and AR measure, your handphone can be a practical measurement digital. So, you don’t have to be worried over Baju Raya size that doesn’t fit anymore, you can shop till you drop, guys!

4. No Powerbank? No worries! We’ve Got  Huawei P30 Pro With Super Charge 2.0  For You!

Raya is all about taking selfies and OOTD’s with cousins and family, but when your phone batteries running out, it must be so frustrating right? What’s even more crazy is that you forgot to bring powerbank or forgot to charge the battery. Damn! But no worries guys, with Huawei p30 Pro comes with Super Charge HUAWEI P30/P30 Pro. All you need to take it’s just 30 minutes for your battery to reach 70 percent charged. Wow!

You guys can munch on that kuih raya all you want while waiting for your phone battery to fully charge.

5.The Huawei P30 comes with ‘Al Calorie Counter’

For those who are ‘on diet’, please remember that Raya is not an excused for you to binge on every single thing! With Huawei P30 Pro, you can use Al Calorie Counter to check on your food calorie intake during Raya. Watch what you eat, guys!

6.Capture Your Family Photo With HUAWEI P30 Pro’s Ultra Wide Angle Lens

Everyone wants to be in the family photo on Hari Raya, but sometimes, you cannot fit everyone in a photo especially those with big families. And there’s not a single space to even zoom out. How stressful! But, with HUAWEI P30 Pro’s Ultra Wide Angle, now everyone is in the photo!

7. Too many Pictures On Your Phone, Huawei P30 Has One Hop To Transfer Everything!

Raya With Family Is More Meaningful With Amazing Shot Taken From Huawei P30

Then consider getting the HUAWEI P30, HUAWEI P30 Pro and the HUAWEI MateBook 13 priced at RM2,699, RM3,799 and RM4,399 respectively. In conjunction with Ramadan, you get to go home with free gifts too—we’re sure you’re going to love them! This promotion ends 24 May.

Besides that, HUAWEI is having an online promotion where you will stand a chance to go to Japan if you spend RM1,500 or more. Click here for more details.

Don’t miss out on these fantastic offers and this is your last chance to have a fantastic Raya with your friends and family!

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