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Westlife’s music has been the go-to karaoke songs for anyone who loves to belt heartfelt romantic lyrics. Songs such as Flying Without Wings, Seasons in the Sun, You Raise Me Up and so much more, Westlife has seen a massive success in their career.

Even some of their covers like Uptown Girl and Against All Odds did fairly better than the originals. Don’t kill me please.

The band debuted in 1998, saw such massive success, but unfortunately disbanded in 2012. Since then, Westlife fans could only hit the replay button on all of their songs.

Fortunately, Louis Walsh, the band’s manager, has confirmed that there will definitely be a reunion for the Irish boyband! BUT, Brian McFadden will NOT be involved. *sobs*

Ever since Brian left the band in March 2004, he has showed no signs of reuniting with the band. He had left to concentrate on his solo career and his family.

Louis had been managing the band throughout its whole career and now it seems like he will be doing so when Shane Filan, Markus Feehily, Nicky Byrne and Kian Egan reunite again.

Louis told the press,

“Brian won’t be involved, it will be the Fab Four. Totally. The four of them just see themselves as Westlife.”

The funny thing is, the Westlife manager said he won’t even allow Brian back in if he begged Louis to.

“No, I prefer a happy band and four happy people.”

Eh, what happened lah?

Well, whatever it is, Westlife fans are still slightly upset that it isn’t a ‘full’ reunion but everyone is glad that we get to see more of the boys.

Meanwhile, check out Markus’ new solo Christmas album! Markus (formerly known as Mark) gushed about the production of his mini album.

He said,

“I’ve been working really hard, and I’m just really lucky to have some great musicians and backing vocalists.

“We got together in the studio for five days and started with nothing and made a whole mini album.

“We didn’t have a whole lot of time but we didn’t need it because all these musicians are all fantastic and I’m so happy with the sound of it.

“The songs are amazing and the arrangements, I’m really happy with and I’m so excited for everyone to hear it.”

Well, it seems like this Christmas and the New Years will be a pretty bright one for all Westlife fans out there.

What do you guys think of the reunion as well as Brian’s absence? Let us know in the comment section.

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