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Westlife’s The Twenty Tour In KL Brings Back The Band’s Glory Day, We Absolutely Cried..

“You raise me up, so I stand on mountain. Youuuu raaaaise me upppp…”

Kids in the 80s and 90s can relate to this,  OLD BUT GOLD.

We still remember when our childhood days mostly filled with Weslife CD’S and songs and those were the GOLDEN AGE. So, when the no 1 Irish boy band landed in Malaysia, we knew we are in treat for something GLORIOUS..

Westlife The Twenty Tour LIVE In KL opened their first show in Malawati Stadium Shah Alam on 8 and 9 of August and around 7,000 people flock together to watch their performance. 

FYI, guys. Our favourite Irish boy band travels all around Europe and Asia, nearly 34 shows in Europe and 17 shows in Asia  for this Twenty Tour concert because well.. they just love us and yes, we are madly in love with you too, lads!

With their latest album ‘Spectrum’ on the chart, these Irish lads prove us that night why they still rockin it.

The living legends took on the stage that night in front of all their fans with “Hello, My Love” their latest single, that make us all screaming their names when they appeared on the stage looking like princes charming with a royal military uniform. Our heart just couldn’t take it..

Then, the real treats began when our boys took us down the memory lane and it felt like we were young again. They performed their hits like “What About Now”, “My Love”, “When You’re Looking Like That”, “Uptown Girl” and “If I Let You Go”. The stadium erupts into a massive bolt of lightning and energy and MEMORIES..

Nick Bryne, the ever sweet gentleman then took on stage to highlight about the missing Irish girl who disappeared in Malaysia and he urged everyone to spread awareness about her missing. SWEETHEART.

They continue to perform their medley tribute to Queen with a few songs, “We Are The Champions”made the whole stadium chants together. 

The show pauses when a small video appeared on the screen when the boys recalled their old days when they first debut before they were back on stage again. 

The show just got even better when they sang snippet of their songs like “Season In The Sun”and couple of other songs, the boys show their silly side and jokes around teasing the whole stadium when the fans couldn’t memorized the lyrics.

“Ahh they don’t know our lyrics, this song isn’t famous”, said Shane Filan and the whole stadium burst into a laughter.

When Nick Bryne appeared on stage and told us about the song they all sang during one of their member’s dad funeral, it was a touching moment because we all knew that it was “You Raise Me Up”, the stadium then turned into a starry lights from the fan’s torchlight.

“Flying Without Wings” and World Of Our Own”were the last two songs to end the night and it just took us all again, back to where it all started in 1973. 

And that night, our childhood days were brought to life again!

Thank you, Westlife!





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