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WeWork Officially Opens in Equatorial Plaza + Announcement for More Locations

WeWork—the platform for creators that provides the space, community and services to help people make a life, not just a living, has officially launched its space in Equatorial Plaza.

Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle with close proximity to the Pavilion & KLCC, WeWork’s Equatorial Plaza space is the largest in Southeast Asia to date and accommodates 1,900 members across five floors (18th to 22nd).

Bolstered by a strong demand in the city, WeWork will also be expanding to upcoming locations in Mid Valley in the later half of this year.

The opening of the Equatorial Plaza space signals WeWork’s commitment to expanding its footprint in Southeast Asia, with the company growing to 19 locations with more than 13,000 desks across the region in just one year.

Strengthening the Southeast Asia network, other cities with WeWork locations include Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Manila, Jakarta and Bangkok.

With WeWork Equatorial Plaza located in a prominent landmark in a 50-storey mixed-use integration development of offices and a hotel, the neighbourhood hosts several spots for food, drinks and shopping malls.

Along with its close proximity to the Petronas Twin Towers, it also boasts a variety of train lines within walking distance such as the Dang Wangi LRT Station and Raja Chulan Monorail Station, offering seamless transport options which makes it an ideal spot for members.

Transforming spaces by integrating the best of design, technology and hospitality

With community a catalyst for WeWork and weaving in its ‘global company, local playbook’ approach, design forms a key threshold in its spaces to inspire further collaboration and interaction among the members.

By evolving space into experience, the space is also complemented with a mature palette of white and warm oaks, while integrating different textures along with neon lights playfully highlighting certain spaces.

Ensuring that ample natural light in the lounge provides members with a bright and airy space, WeWork’s spaces provide habitats for creativity and focus, on top of truly dynamic environments that shape member experiences.


Strengthening local communities and fuelling innovation for enterprises and small-business growth

WeWork is fuelling the innovation economy—high-growth sectors such as technology, creative and professional services, and advanced manufacturing—and is committed to helping cities like Kuala Lumpur create communities of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

As a company of action, WeWork is committed to amplifying the impact by bringing people together.

WeWork Equatorial Plaza welcomes members ranging from global enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to start-ups and freelancers.

Grounded in WeWork’s mission of supporting its members, WeWork is also growing in tandem with them and is here to connect people through intelligent design by fostering community and opportunities.

Home to members from diverse fields, including the creative and design sector, financial services and investment tech companies, as well as advertising and marketing agencies with a presence in Malaysia, WeWork Equatorial Plaza houses companies such as Momentum Commerce.

Empowered by its global strength, WeWork has also supported the growth for companies to expand seamlessly to other markets.


WeWork Economy helping individuals and businesses thrive, energise neighbourhoods, and accelerate economic growth

By empowering people and businesses to pursue their purpose, supporting a positive economic ripple effect in our neighbourhoods and cities, WeWork recently released its first annual Global Impact Report, measuring the economic effect of our community in 75 cities around the world.

With WeWork bringing new people, businesses, and economic activity to neighbourhoods.

Seventy percent of WeWork members are new to the neighbourhood, and one in 10 has moved closer to their WeWork locations since joining. This means more business for neighbouring shops, cafes, restaurants, and pubs.

Strengthening its presence in Malaysia, WeWork remains committed to contributing back to the local community and economy while building the first global physical platform designed to bring people together to pursue their purpose.

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