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What Actually Happened to Ailee? Why isn’t She Promoting on Music Shows?

Imma room shaker, shaker! Room room, say what?! 

The Queen is finally back with another banger “Room Shaker”!

On July 2nd, Ailee, a South Korean-American singer and songwriter has made a comeback with the release of her second full album “butterFLY”. Aileeans (what she calls her fans) have long waited for this comeback since she had been on a hiatus for almost 3 years.

With the release of “Room Shaker” as the title track of the album, South Korean fans and international fans were both excited to see her perform on music shows. This time around, Ailee had gone into a different route with her music, unlike what she had put out before. This comeback focuses more on dance performances and the anthem-like beats that would make the whole dance floor quake.

However as two weeks have passed, fans noticed that Ailee has yet gone to any music shows to perform her new title track. Since then, so many rumours arose. When a certain industry representative try to investigate behind her disappearance in music shows, it was found out that her schedules were canceled by an unknown representative.

Because of that, fans started to spread rumours. Some were saying that ever since Ailee had left YMC Entertainment for a one-man company, the former had restricted her music shows appearances; according from insiders.

Aileeans all over the world were all confused and upset as there wasn’t any accurate details given justifying the issue. #JusticeForAilee started on Twitter to make justice for Ailee, to enable her to showcase her rightful talent to the whole world. If the rumours are trumors, they might be afraid that Queen Ailee is too powerful she could snatch everyone’s edges. Oops!

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