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[#WinWithxtra] Win FREE TICKETS to Sunway Lagoon’s Nights of Fright 6

The month of scaring the wits out of ourselves for fun is soon falling upon us once more and we all know that the month of October will be filled ghost houses and events popping up everywhere.

But the biggest, most frightening one would have to be Sunway Lagoon’s annual Nights of Fright.

Year by year, the Halloween-based event gets better in terms of scaring the living daylights out of patrons. The themes get more chilling than the previous year as well.

Check out some of the horror houses and zones:


Discover the place of myths and monsters.

In folklore tales, Wendigo appears as an evil cannibal-like spirit that devours mankind. Wendigo are said to have an insatiable hunger for human flesh – no matter how much they eat, they remain hungry.

They are hungry. For you.




Many who have an inexplicable fear for clowns. They are in your head. You are in their house.

In this disturbing situation, we are confronted with our irrational fears. Many say that clowns are supposed to make you laugh. Wrong. Dead Wrong. It will creep you out, and there is only one way out.



Pay a visit to Chan’s slaughterhouse and meat-packing plant which has long been closed down and abandoned after a worker, Lee Lee Choong discovered a not so beefy body hanging on the hooks inside the freezer of Slaughterhouse 13.

Was it the long banished son, Calvin Chan who had mysteriously disappeared months earlier after a falling out with his father? Terrified, Lee Lee Choong never recovered from the shock and now guards the long abandoned freezer with her own life.



Unlike your typical zombie apocalypse situation, this time, you get to see zombified animals too! Something has gotten into the animals and keepers at our underground zoo set deep inside the mountain.

They are out of control. Zombie mayhem within humans and animals are eager to terrorise the guests as they set foot upon this horrifying zoo.



Like nothing more than being scared out of your wits? Head over here for some hair-raising horror stories.

Sitting around inside a dimly lit house, or in the woods sitting around in a circle, watching and listening to the storytellers cast their spell through a frightening tale.

Sit quietly and listen to the stories of Pontianaks, Toyols and Pocongs, to the sounds that surround you, for they will stay with you, long into the night.



Want some fusion in your horror experience too? Sunway Lagoon really prepped for visitors with various tastes.

It is Halloween in “New York” and the venue is filled with western ghouls and phantoms, and also the classic jack-o-lanterns.



Meet the scariest movie characters of all time. This is no ordinary night at the museum!

Join Jason, Freddy, Billy, and Michael Myers as you make your way through this celebration of celluloid horror characters.



Surrounded by a thousand faces, your worst nightmare comes to life again and again in this house of fear!



Face the curse of the witches when rituals go wrong. Experience it first-hand as you enter this place where you get to meet the Salem Witch, Malay Dukun, Indian Witch, and Chinese Witch while they chant mantras and perform rituals.



For those who seek for twisted pleasures of pain, enter this eerie spot where we give you the closest representation of brutal mutilation.


NOF 6 comes to life at 7.30pm – 11.30pm every Friday – Sunday from 28th September to 31st October 2018. Ticket is at RM69 (normal price).

But YOU can get it for free from xtra!

Starting today, 20th September until 23rd September, 2018, fill up your details and answer three (3) simple questions correctly and stand a chance to win two (2) tickets to Nights of Fright 6!

Fill up the details in this form. Please remember to read the Terms & Conditions as well.

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