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#xtraGiveaway: Spend this New Year’s Eve Partying in Zouk Genting

The ultimate night out is ready to be unveiled at Resorts World Genting. Zouk Genting is getting the party started, 6,000 feet above sea level in the clouds, presenting all the ingredients for merrymaking of the highest order.

Comprising two clubs, three entertainment establishments and a restaurant, Zouk Genting is the culmination of meticulous planning and fresh perspectives that will raise the nightlife bar in Malaysia and in the region.

Ring in the New Year on 31 December with the opening of Zouk Genting with a special guest DJ Che Molly from Zouk Singapore.

The main stage of Zouk aims to be a temple to electronic dance music. Up to 1500 party-goers can be housed here, moving and swaying to the command of some of the world’s greatest DJs, illuminated by an ecstatic blend of music and pyrotechnics.

Zouk Genting will be a visual extravaganza, with lighting designed by global leader LEDs Control, who have channelled their experience with massive nightclub brands like Amnesia and Space Ibiza to create a dazzling space topped with ‘spaceships’ decorating the roof.

Zouk at 8,000 square feet – equal in size to Zouk Singapore – will have three bars, 30 tables and two private rooms to fit 1200.

Over the course of its 25 years, Zouk Singapore has welcomed every single big name DJ in the world – household names like Tiesto, Armin, Hardwell, Steven Angello, Marshmello, Above & Beyond and Zedd – and that roster will be equalled in intensity and frequency by Zouk Genting.

More than just a dance floor, the Zouk Genting stage will also showcase live performances and acrobatic aerialists, accompanied by a state-of-the-art The Void sound system and cutting-edge audio/visual equipment.

Beyond technology, Zouk Genting will also be a showcase for urban art – the space is decorated by an arresting series of street-flavoured artwork by Southeast Asian artists curated by Singaporean art consultants The Artling, which include a series of neon graffiti-inspired murals featuring Zouk’s mascots by Singapore’s Andre Tan.

Zouk Atrium also holds RedTail by Zouk and RedTail Karaoke. Zouk Genting is open 11.00pm to 5.00am on Fridays and Saturdays.

For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit

Zouk Genting is offering 10 tickets for 5 lucky winners to be the first to step into the brand new club. Tickets are worth RM50 and includes one drink.

All you need to do is to fill up this form and answer the questions correctly to stand a chance to win.

Winners will be announced on December 28th, 2018, 6pm via!

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