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You’ll Definitely Want to Dance Along to this Quirky Music Video

Typical Malaysians hate dancing alone – that’s a fact. If you go to parties, music events or clubs, the dance floor is either a ghost town or filled to the brim with writhing bodies.

It’s because we’re bashful people and we prefer dancing with somebody instead of busting those moves all alone.

But it’s time to change that shy shy attitude and just move along to the beat. To help everyone get grooving, An Honest Mistake themselves bust out some crazy moves in their latest music video.

Covering the late Whitney Houston’s hit song I Wanna Dance with Somebody and featuring Haziq from I Lost the Plot, the band added their twist of punk into the pop song.

With a concept of the 80s glam rock vs the 90s pop, the Malaysian band can be seen dressed in leather with long hair and eyeliner in one scene, and then suddenly bright neon-coloured jackets in another.

And in the end, these two eras fuse to become the music we have today. But the best part has got to be their funky moves which will get anyone jumping on their feet too.

Check out An Honest Mistake and Haziq’s dancing here:

They aren’t professional dancers (obviously) but they’re jiving to the music with so much gusto that it can make anyone stuck in a boring corporate office wanna dance too.

Actually the really best part about An Honest Mistake is watching them perform live. Check out their pages for more info on their upcoming shows; website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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