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Yuna Releases ‘Rouge’ Following Good Vibes Festival in Malaysia

Started on the 20th July and ended on 22nd July, the Good Vibes Festival that was held in Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands was literally the highlight of the month. Even months before the festival started, people has been already buzzing about the highly anticipated music festival!

And the Good Vibes Festival just seem to get better and better every year!

This year’s addition the amazing performers line up includes the one and only our home girl Yuna, who took us to the journey of different genres with ‘Rouge’.

“Performing at the Good Vibes Festival is great! Because I can get to kinda just bring the shows and performances I’ve been doing overseas back to Malaysia. Yeah, I’m very happy about it”

After her amazing performance on the stage of Good Vibes Festival, Yuna shared the back story behind ‘Rouge’ and her inspiration behind the album.

“The reason why I picked that name ‘Rouge’ is that being the colour red. It’s a very bold colour. And these thing were all me. When I was making the album, I think in the beginning I was just wanna have fun. But we’ve worked with different producers and see what I can come up with”

Amongst the tracks in ‘Rouge’, the best song highly well-loved from the fans is “Does She” featuring Jay Park.

Not only that, Yuna has also gained massive inspiration from close family members who are involved within the entertainment industry. Bunga Citra Lestari and her beloved husband was always the inspiration behind her career.

“The fact that she’s a mom and she’s like been doing this for a long time. If she can do it, I can do it! I’m really blessed to have a husband who’s super supportive and understanding of my career. He loves what I make as well and believes in the music. He’s a part of every single thing, which is kinda nice”

Album ‘Rouge’ is out now and is available of Spotify.

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