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Zouk Genting: Visuals and Sound System to Get Your Heart Pumping

If a party in the clouds 6,000 ft above sea level doesn’t sound like an experience of a lifetime, we don’t know what will.

Fitted with larger than life visuals, pyrotechnics, ethereal prismatic lighting and “The Void” sound system that will (literally) get your heart pumping, Zouk Genting is revolutionising the Malaysian Nightlife.

Powered by the team behind Zouk Singapore, Zouk Genting in an impressive 8,000 sq ft housing up to 1200 party-goers with 3 bars, 30 tables and 2 private rooms.

Conceptualised as a temple of electronic dance music the club is set to showcase the worlds best live acts.

Joseph Ryan, the project director of Zouk Genting, says,

“Zouk Genting will be more than just a club. We are a total experience, a space
where our visitors can leave their troubles behind, and for a few hours you can live your dreams.

“This is the most technologically advanced nightlife offering ever to be seen in Malaysia.

“With a stage fit the world’s greatest DJs as well as the industry’s biggest live performers, Zouk Genting will be the epicentre for musical entertainment in Malaysia and in Southeast Asia.

“I guarantee that you will never have experienced a sensory showcase like this before.”

Its adjoining room, Empire by Zouk, boasts 5,000 sq ft with a capacity of 600 party goers, a bar and 20 tables. Curated as a hip-hop lifestyle themed room, they bring street beats and urban vibes to the party atop the mountain.

Between the two clubs, the night is long and options are plentiful.

If you’re looking to start the night early Zouk’s RedTail kicks off the party at 6pm everyday!

More than just a bar, RedTail is a playground for adults featuring games like Giant Beer Pong, Electronic Beer Pong, Shots & Ladders and Giant Jenga.

As the sun sets on the horizon and the lights come alive, Zouk Genting promises a night of adrenaline filled fun, heart pumping music and unforgettable memories.

For more information, check out Resorts World Genting’s website or call +603 6101 1118.

Written by Loke J-Han

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