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Zulin Aziz Appalled with Unethical Product Sellers

Photos of Zulin Aziz, actress and host, has recently been used as the face of slimming products for promoting purposes without her consent.

And this made her very furious, for obvious reasons.

The ‘Dan Ketika Itu’ singer has managed to reach out to the irresponsible party and has given them a warning about their misdoings. 

In a recent Instagram post by Zulin Aziz, she included an audio recording of her conversation with the product seller that has been using her photos to promote their product. 

Her caption says: 

“I don’t know what to say anymore. To all you sellers out there, please be honest in your business. I’ve been through this a couple of times now and this is too much!’

“You’re relying your income by using my identity without my consent, and I have never even heard of your product before. I have my limits too.

“This goes out to everyone out there, not only me, so please!”

Zulin Aziz also reminded everyone that she is the same as any other individual, and her patience has its limits too. She also lets out a final warning for product seller who have misused her picture as their testimonies.

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This is not the first time that she has been involved in such matters where sellers have been using her as testimonies for their products that she has never used or even heard of before.

Zulin also says that all along she has remained quiet on the issue and she wants to see how far these sellers can put up with their lies.

“There are 4 products that used my photos as their testimonies. Everyone will take advantage of me, unless I start fining them!” – Zulin Aziz 

Zulin is very serious in taking this matter to court. This kind of business behaviour is certainly not acceptable, not for Zulin Aziz and certainly not for anybody. 

It’s already 2019, product sellers should be wiser and more ethical in selling their products.

Let’s hope Zulin Aziz gets the justice that she deserves on the matter.

Source: hangat.com

Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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