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Jangan Stress Nak Kurus, Gadis Ini Hilang 17 Kg Lepas Amal Diet Sihat!

Tanpa sebarang pil atau suplemen, nak turunkan berat badan bukanlah sesukar yang korang fikirkan. Yang penting usaha untuk bersenam dan kawal pemakanan.

Macam gadis bernama mai‏ @moisorohoisyoh  ini. Dari berat 69 KG dia berusaha mencantas berat badan sehinggalah sekarang sudah mencecah berat badan impiannya 52 KG.

Nasi kena makan, tak perlu menyeksa diri dengan diet yang ketat. Ini cara efektif dikongsi beliau. Boleh cuba, Insha Allah menjadi guys!

Jangan strict dengan diet nanti stres

69KG (2016) 52.8KG (2017 -2018) 

 52KG (Soon, InsyaAllah!) This is for my own motivation purposes. If I can do it, you can do it too.

I will share my diet plan and workout plan soon for your own motivation purposes and my own. **SPAM ALERT FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT INTERESTED HAHA** Stay tuned babies!

I mostly ate homecooked food in the beginning of my weight loss journey but if I had to eat out, I’d take the healthiest option there is in the menu! I was not TOO strict with my diet because I hate stressing out. TIPS: Always have variation in your meals so you won’t get bored!

DON’T STRESS. Trust me and promise me you won’t stress. Stress doesn’t aid to weight loss.



1. Wholemeal bread (2 pieces) + pure organic peanut butter spread + green apple

2. Wholemeal bread (2 pieces) + plain yogurt w/ fresh local fruits and nuts (my fav is raw roasted almonds and bananas) TIPS: Don’t overconsume bananas – they’re source of extra carbs – eat moderately sis!

3. Wholemeal bread (2 pieces) + plain yogurt with 1 tsp honey + Apple 


4. Wholemeal bread (2 pieces) + 2 eggs 


 (sunny side up – NO OIL NO SALT, just black pepper to taste) + green apple

5. Wholemeal cornflakes (no sugar coated) with low fat milk – if you want extra sweetness, put in a tsp of pure organic honey

If I had to eat out:-

1. Thosai + telur separuh masak 2 biji


1. Green tea – NO SUGAR 

2. Hot long black coffee

3. Hot coffee with milk – NO SUGAR

4. Teh C takda gula

5. Nescafe O takda gula


Tetap ambil karbohidrat

I do not cancel out carbs from my diet because carbs is important okay???? Especially in the morning, our body needs all the energy sis! So please. No carbs diet only lead to constant fluctuations of your weight. Not good.

My other favourite option for fruits would definitely be Dragon Fruits. Low in sugar, but very filling.  Plus, the natural colour is amazing hahaha .

I know most of us are told detox water are good for weight loss but I don’t believe so. Too much of lemon infused water isn’t good – acidity and stuff. Just consume plain water and you’re good to go! Do not consume iced water??? THOSE ARE MYTHS.

Once the water enters our body, as far as I am concerned it will change accordingly to our body temp. So don’t get fooled – cairkan lemak lah apa lah. Nak cairkan lemak pegi pakai running shoes lari sana! Haha. Btw girls, don’t be too hard on yourself okay? Weight loss do not happen overnight. It took me months almost a year to have this figure. Your period of weight loss needs to be appropriately sustainable. Or else, your body will suffer shock and gain weight even more easily


1. Rice (brown or white) #portion: size of your fist, nothing more! Grilled chicken (Will share the recipe below) and grilled veges (Asparagus and carrots – NO SALT, Olive oil for moisture)

2. Rice + Chicken vege clear soup

3. Rice + Grilled dory fish + steamed veges (broccoli, carrot, asparagus, cauliflower) 

4. Pok Choy Noodle Soup – PM me for recipe! This is my favourite!

5. Grilled Chicken Wholemeal Wrap

Do avoid dressing/sauce. Mayonnaise is a no. I always flavour my food with black pepper.

These are just what I ate, you can improvise on your own!

If I had to eat out:-

1. FAV PLACE – Chimicurri Salad Bar, Jaya One

2. Nasi Campur – Lotsa sayur, my protein source is always Japanese Tofu, Tempe or Tauhu.

3. Bibimbap – NOT Claypot or Ddolsot Bibimbap

4. Nasi kerabu – nasi separuh kerabu lebih – Ayam dada bakar

5. Banana leaf rice is fine once in a while – no extra dish – just the veges

6. Soup – order for clear soup > Cantonese based sauce – Too much eggs

It took me about a month to get used to this routine, but after a while, it became awkward to eat unhealthy food. I do eat kyochon though – who can resist fried chicken. Just be disciplined!

For dinner, I usually eat whatever is in between my breakfast meal or lunch. I take my dinner usually before 8PM because sleeping with a bloated tummy doesn’t feel good!

Jogging 40 minit!

I worked on my cardios a lot, and lift weights lightly (With my 2KG Dumbbells, you can youtube on how to use dumbbells the correct way!)

1. Jogging for 40minutes – DON’T TAKE BREAKS IN BETWEEN – Once you stop, you can never go back lol! Tbh, my mileage was really bad but now I can run for 5K in less than 40 minutes – but I’m sure you can do better than me!

2. Threadmill sesh for 1 hour 

3. MY FAV – while jamming to Spotify – Pilates! (Youtube on HIIT Pilates)

4. Lift weights – for girls, it doesn’t make you bulk! Lol toned is GREAAATT

5. I do a lot of stretching too to work on my flexibility

Also, along my journey, I was deceived by consuming supplements but other than ripping off your wallet, supplements do not do you any good! TO DETOX IS TO SWEAT OFF! Lift your ass and run sis

And also, my favourite drink was Thai Green Tea and Caramel Frappe from Starbucks, but drinking them now doesn’t work on me anymoreeee.

Cheat meal boleh

If you feel like granting yourself a cheat meal! (My go-to dessert is always Llao llao, like hell who can resist ) Please do so, and do not hesitate to eat. Hesitating = stress. But be right on track and be disciplined. After all, it’s for your body 



If I can do this, you can do this too! I hope you’re motivated! Stay healthy is the key, guys! Goodluck, HMU whenever #positivevibesonly 



Paling penting, jangan sakitkan hati your mother kalau dia masak and tak nak makan sbb diet : ( Eat a little, jamah while you still can! Then lift your ass and run sis hahahahhah.

Sumber: mai‏ @moisorohoisyoh


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