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Who says slayin’ with your looks have to be costly?!

It’s 2018 and as we just entered the new year, one of our new year’s resolutions would definitely be to spend less and save more right? I mean, there’s just not enough shelf space for that extra bottle of foundation or extra palette of eye shadows right?

Or maybe there’s some more space to spare now that you know you don’t need to splurge in order to slay? *winks*

Here we list down for you 10 essential local drugstore makeup items that are worth tryin’ and most importantly won’t break your bank account: (you’re welcome!)


1. Primer – Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Smooth 

Image via Lazada

Deets: Looking for a primer formula with a decent pore blurring power for less than RM50?

Then, this is the answer to your prayer. Retailing at less than RM30, this is definitely not a dupe to the infamous Benefit POREfessional, but certainly works wonders at blurring your pores and helps you achieve that flawless complexion.

Coming in a silicone gel-like formula, this primer is brilliant at keeping your makeup lasts decently throughout the day. 

Retail price: RM26.91 (Watsons)


2. Foundation –  Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

Image via Notino UK

Deets: Cheap certainly doesn’t mean meek with this liquid foundation. If there is an epitome of a magical coverage that is super affordable in a bottle, it would be this one!

Staying true to its claims of a HD finish and not leaving a cakey feeling at all to your face once applied (the second skin effect claim), no wonder many Youtube MUAs have been raving about this. My foundation holy grail! 

But, the shades are limited to only 4 unlike its competitor, the Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Liquid Foundation and since they’re only available in selected Guardian stores nationwide and when for some reason they’re always running out of this one, make sure you quickly grab one when you see one! 

Coverage: High to Full coverage

Retail price: RM38.90 (Guardian)


3. Concealer – Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer 

Deets: We alongside the Youtube makeup universe just have MAJOR love for this one!

Perhaps its the unique sponge tip applicator and its claim of rewinding your age that got us but its coverage and the comfort that the sponge gives as you conceal your dark circles certainly makes us don’t mind splurging a little bit for a drugstore concealer although it sits at a rather high-end spectrum of drugstore concealers. 

However, as you can easily get this almost anywhere, don’t forget to keep checking for its many seasonal promotions too!

Coverage: Medium to Full Coverage 

Retail price: RM29.93 (Watsons) NP: RM39.90


4. Pressed powder – Essence Mattifying Compact Powder 

Deets: For those of you who have oily/combination skin, this pressed/compact powder is an inexpensive option at setting your makeup after foundation and at touching up your T-Zone when it gets oilier in this humid weather that is Malaysia. *sigh*

However, one downside that we can think of this product is the absence of mirror which sucks when you wish to touch up your face on-the-go, right?! 

And remember this, Essence is  a brand that can be found in Watsons ONLY and perhaps due to its price point, they always run out of the hot-selling products, so make sure you go grab ’em quick when you see ’em! 

Coverage: Medium Coverage 

Retail price: RM15.90 (Watsons) 


5. Eyebrow Pencil – Daiso Eyebrow Pencil

Image via Dayre

Deets: We know what you’re thinking – a makeup product from Daiso? But, seriously guys, once you get a hold of this really cheap but really good product, this shall become your eyebrow holy grail in no time. No joke! 

Worry not – if you’re a newbie to this whole eyebrow application (which is a real art *sigh*), this eyebrow pencil is one to save you from the inevitable makeup breakdown. Okay, we understand there’s a whole lot of choices to choose from when it comes to eyebrow products in Daiso and given that you can’t even try and test them, one will become slightly of wary of which one to choose from.

But, since we’ve tried for you, we can say that the pink twist one is the best one in store. Coming in a twist pencil alongside a spoolie, this eyebrow pencil is pigmented enough to allow you to safely shape and fill in your brows and not make a huge mess. With 2 shades of brown to choose from (Dark Brown and Brown), you have the freedom to go with the dramatic or the natural Korean eyebrow look, depending on the shades you opt for. 

A downside to this is that the lead easily breaks, so since its RM5.90 you might wanna get yourself several pieces to spare!

Retail price: RM5.90 (Standard Daiso price)


6.  Eye shadow – Lakme 9-5 Eye Color Quartet 

Image via Amazon India

Deets: We got it. With only 4 small squares offered at such a high price point for a drugstore makeup option, this can look like such an unattractive choice. 

However, when it comes to eye shadow, we all know how pigmentation plays an important decisive factor in whether to spew your cash on a particular palette. 

Standing out among all other drugstore eye shadow palettes for its amazing pigmentation (fun to swatch guys!) , this 4 colour quartet comes in 4 shimmery high intensity shades giving you vivid and edgy looks suitable for daily office wear and a fun night out. 

A downside to this? Correct, again, there ain’t no mirror! Seriously, they have to start putting in small mirrors for all these palettes y’all *sigh*

Retail price: RM43.15 (Guardians) 


7. Eyeliner – LAKME 9-5 Eyeconic Kajal

Image via Style Craze

Deets: For some people, eyes without eye liner is no eye at all. And factors such as pigmentation, smudge and water proof properties are some of the properties sought out before deciding to splurge your cash on such a small but significant makeup product. 

This LAKME 9-5 Eyeconic Kajal is proof that the Indians are the best at making an eyeliner product because this one just da bomb y’all! 

With pigmentation (major love for the Black shade) that is enough to drive traffic to your eyes alone, this eyeliner is also created to allow you to sit through 3 hours plus long Bollywood movies shedding tears and not making any smudge AT ALL. This is hands-down a Bollywood movies tear proof eye liner! 

Retail price: RM22.95 (Guardian)


8. Mascara – ESSENCE I Love Extreme Crazy Volume

Image via Lazada

Deets: If you’re a mascara lover, look no further than your nearest Watsons store because guess what Essence mascara range is one the most highly raved mascara range of this age!

Raved by Youtube beauty bloggers local and international, I Love Extreme Crazy Volume is one of many Essence’s mascara products that can easily be found in many Watsons stores compared to other mascara products.

With less than RM20, you can get a mascara product that will give you the false lash effect that many premium high-end mascara products have simply failed to do.

And…since many of Essence’s mascara products including this one are not waterproof, this means the gentle micellar cleansing water is sufficient for your face and in this case your beautiful pair of eyes too! 

However, the formula CAN get a bit thick and thus can get very clumpy if you’re applying your mascara in a rush! So, no rush please girls! 

Retail price: RM15.90 (Watsons)


9. Blusher – Palladio Matte Blush 

Image via Amazon

Deets: If there’s that one makeup item that is important even historically, it would be a blusher. And Palladio, a drugstore makeup brand from the US that has invaded Guardian recently is proving that you should never mess around with their blush range.

It was a pretty tough search to find the most pigmented and best value for money when it comes to a drugstore blusher product, but Palladio is definitely not one to disappoint.

We love how pigmented and matte this blusher looks on our cheeks after application and of course with less than RM30, we dare to swear that this can be a makeup dupe to some of the most raved high end blusher product (read: NARS Orgasm)

Retail price: RM26.90 (Guardian)


10. Lipcream – Silkygirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream

Image via Silkygirl

Deets: There’s simply a multitude of bargain with quality when it comes to drugstore lip products. With the matte lip cream that is still trending though it is slowly contended by the lip gloss phenomenon ushered in by celebs such as Rihanna with her premium line, Fenty Beauty, we just couldn’t resist telling you our ultimate fav.

If you’re looking for a lip cream that is long lasting, non-drying (coz man when the lips cracked, they sure ain’t and don’t look pretty) and retails at less than RM30, you simply have to grab one of these babies. 

Offering 5 beautiful shades in its range (our personal favourite has to be the nude Retro), do look out for regular promotions and when its on promo, be the Malaysian that you are and buy them all and since these babies are simply Malaysian drugstore best selling products, they are always out of stock *cries* 

Retail price: RM24.90 (Watsons and Guardian)


The world is your runway. Now, get slayin’! 


Disclaimer: As I am not a beauty expert, and recently have just been venturing into the makeup scene, you may find that any of the claims made here are based on my own humble product reviews as well as snippets of those rave reviews made by local bloggers and YouTubers. And fret not, you may get all of these products in your nearest local Guardian or Watsons store. Happy shopping ladies! 

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