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10,000 Participants Flocked By 100 PLUS ‘Aktifkan Malaysiaku’ Marathon

It’s either you go 0 or 100..

What’s better way to live a healthy lifestyle than to get super duper active with Malaysia’s first isotonic drink, 100PLUS!

1OO Plus last series for their three part nationwide officially ended on November 16th.  10,000 participants flocked by for an exciting 6 KM run along with 100PLUS ambassadors Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei, Hairul Azreen, Mira Filzah and Syafiq Kyle at National Stadium Bukit Jalil.

Source: 100Plus Malaysia

The ambassadors also took to the stage for a warm up Zumba session prior to flag off, as well as engaged with the crowd, together with an interactive sessions and meet and greet fans.

“We are extremely proud of this initiative and we are glad to launch it with 10,000  ‘rakyat’ at 100PLUS Aktifkan Malaysiakuu. As we encourage Malaysians to stay active and hydrated it was only seamless for us to turn the bottles that you drink from everyday into t-shirts you could be wearing tomorrow. We hope to make a positive impact on the environment and in the daily lives of Malaysians as they give their 100% in everything they do”

-Graham Lim, Director Marketing (Malaysia) F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd of 100PLUS Malaysia. 

For the first time ever, 100PLUS introduced the brand’s latest environmental initiative in the form of t-shirts that are made entirely of recycled plastic bottles that were given out to all participants of the run. This will mark the start of more green initiatives and innovations to come as the brand keeps the nation active and hydrated. 

Source: 100Plus Malaysia

The event culminated in a series of show-stopping performances by some of Malaysia’s best homegrown talent such as ​Ara Johari, De Fam and Hael Husaini.

Source: De Fam

Be it at work or at home, we live in a fast moving environment that requires us to be constantly on the go, and our health should always be at the forefront. So grab yourself a 100PLUS and let’s get active!


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