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2019 Wedding Dress Trends: From Classic Looks to Bold and Modern Ones

‘Raja Sehari’ is how Malaysians would address the bride and groom on their wedding day. With all eyes on the couple, details of the wedding dress worn by the bride is the most anticipated!

Let’s check out the 2019 Wedding Dress Trends by Selene Oliva:

1. Capes

Brides-to-be should look out for capes that has a super-elegant tulle or lace capes that will drape over the shoulders beautifully and enhances the features of the bride.


2. Bows

For a sculptural effect, a petite and small bow should do the trick! The bows should be functional too, we don’t want any buttons to loosen up during the wedding!


3. Colour Touch

Pastels are too common today, brighter colours are opt for a refreshing look for trendy brides or even for the second ceremony. Colours like red, purple or yellow are the in trends this year!


4. Twnties’ inspo

Bringing back the 20’s fashion with fringes, a low waist and sequins to go with a linear and shiny wedding dress that will also be fit for other occasions too.


5. Exaggerated volumes

Adding volume adds drama! Flounces and multi-tiered tulle skirts are on the look out this year, just to make the brides feel like a princess, hence the ‘Raja Sehari’.


6. The Sleeves

Elegant tailored, long and fitted sleeves are refreshing and elegant to look at especially if it has the gigot touch to it.


7. Necklines

V-necks, lovely boat necklines are beautiful to show of those shoulders or even turtle necks to leave some wanting for more.


8. Waistline

Satin is a ladylike material suitable to surround the waistline for an astonishing finishing, a precious belt and a brooch is also trending to finish the whole look.


9. Wedding Dress or Lingerie?

Fashionable brides would go for something a little daring with bustier tops, slip dresses, fluid cuts or even pajama suits.

10. Layering

A great way to create effect for the dress, second skin jumpsuits, pants and miniskirts worn underneath flimsy lace, satin or tulle skirts is just like an icing to the cake.


11. Coordinates

Classical designs are back with skirt plus top or a suit combination. Both coordinates well to create day-wear choices.

Now, who’s excited to go wedding dress hunting and designing?

Source: VOGUE 

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