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4 Easy Healthy Pasta Dishes that are Guilt-Free even at 12AM

It’s always quite a task when it comes to eating healthy. Not only it requires a lot of dedication, it also requires a lot of discipline and attention.

Just when you thought you had been successfully eating healthy, there would always be a time when you suddenly crave for some delicious goodness of the carbs, right? And what frustrates us the most is the fact that these craving would come during late in the nights.

To eat or not to eat? It’s always a constant pain in the bum! If you don’t eat, then for sure it’s gonna a long and tiring sleepless night, and if you do, you might regret it when you see your bloated face in the mirror the next morning.

So, to put this into solution, here are four amazing yet easy pasta ideas that is so easy to make that you don’t even realize you’re even cooking! Plus, these dishes will not require you to go to do groceries because the ingredients used for these are ingredients that you might actually already had in your pantry.


1-Pot Vegan Pasta for a delectable vegan experience!

Okay, what not to like about this? Not only the dish is so simple that you literally put all the ingredients in ONE POT, it’s also vegan which means VEGGIES! Unlike the name, this pasta dish is actually rich with tomato flavour! Incorporating plenty of good-for-you veggies that are not limited to mushrooms, eggplant and fresh parsley, this pasta promises fresh flavours to your taste buds and light yet filling for the tummy! Now that’s a double win! 


Twist up your taste buds with One Pan Spicy Lemon Chicken Pasta

Ever felt like sharing your healthy eats with your family but too afraid from getting the “this has no taste” comments? Well, worry no more! This creamy pasta will definitely crawl into your family’s favourite dinner dished in no time with its subtle yet flavourful kick of heat and it’s clean palate. The perfect harmony of sautéd onions, chicken broth and lemon juice, this under 20 minutes dish will fill you up without having you feeling guilty the next morning! Wanna amp up the healthy game? Add tomatoes and other veggies! They bring colour to the dish and add taste!


As easy as 1, 2,3 ; One Pan Pasta!

Just when you though 1-Pot Pasta was super easy, well this recipe just got easier! Literally what you’ll be doing is cut up the ingredients, put them in the pan, pour some water and voila! A delicious pasta masterpiece is done! Even though quite controversial, this pasta is loaded with flavours and a great fresh of breathe air to a meatless pasta.


Never forget that Asian flare with One Pot Asian Pasta

Easy, healthy and definitely tasty!  This homestyle Asian version of one-pot pasta is filled with memories and nostalgias. For this, there’s no rights or wrongs! This dish is beautifully flexible. Switch out the bok choy for napa cabbage, or use enoki mushrooms instead of dried Shitake. If you wanna make it vegetarian, switch to veggie broth instead of chicken and omit the chicken. But if you’re all up for that chicken goodness, agak the all!

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