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4 Skincare Steps That Are For Sure, Definitely And Most-Probably Will Improve Your Skin In 30 Days!

New year, new me!

It’s the start of 2020 and just like any other Average Joe’s out there, we too have our own new year resolutions! Just like wanting to start gym-ing on the regular and eating a healthy-balanced diet, our skin too need its own new year touch up! But how do you spruce up your skincare game?

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Improving your complexion is a one-two step, in fact it takes time to actually show result physically. But what sets apart feeding the skin with nutrients compared to covering them with pigments is that the former affects permanently! 

Skincare is really about building lifelong habits, but if you are loyal to it, comments like “your skin looks so healthy!” and “who’s your dermatologist?” will come even before you know it!

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Let’s start with cleansing, but gently.

People are born with unique skins—some are dry, some are oily while some are on the between—hence, despite the process being the most vital in skincare, it can also affect you very greatly! This is because just when you thought you skin need a bit of tugging to get the dirt completely off from the skin, it could actually trigger a pimple or two.

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The oil in our skin when balanced is what keeps us look youthful, firm and nourished. But then when it’s too oily, it clogs the pores and breaks you out, if it’s too dry, it leaves you itchy and dry. So the best solution is to invest in a gentle cleanser. A creamy, sulfate-free cleanser will rid the skin of excess oil and grime without stripping it of moisture.

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Try experimenting with chemical exfoliants.

Exfoliating has always been a crucial part in keeping a radiant and youthful skin, but you might want to replace your physical scrubs with chemical ones. Surprisingly, chemical exfoliant works quickly (and relatively gently) to dissolve dead skin cells. 

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Some should be rinsed, some can be used as serums; the key to it is to take notice of its label. Just follow the instructions closely and only apply one to two times per week. Some AHAs and BHAs are a bit strong so you might want to start soft.

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Two to three drops of serum will do.

Many people take multivitamin despite having a healthy, well-balanced diet. Well, that’s the same to your skin! Even when you skin might not seem to be needing a little bit of umph, you’d be surprised to see how glowy your skin will look once you’ve start quenching your skin with serums.

Serums seep down into all three layers of the skin, unlike moisturizes which sit atop the skin and shield it from toxins. So, when you start dropping some serum onto the skin, you’ll definitely start getting compliments about your bright complexion. Just apply them before moisturizer and you’re good to go!

Beauty sleep is not a need, in fact a must!

Another habit you need to instill for 2020 is a healthy cycle of sleeping regimen—seven to eight hours of sleep each night. This is when your entire body restores itself. So, in addition to reducing those raccoon eyes, you will also experience rapid cellular regeneration which improves your overall skin condition whilst maximizes the benefits of any products applied beforehand.

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And since you’re at that, you should add a night cream or serum (better both) to your bedtime regimen. The benefits will definitely magnified while you sleep, and even more so if you get a full night’s worth.

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