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Every Man Needs At Least One Set of Suit

Fashion is an art in its own, however, for most laymen (like you and I), we prefer functionality over style.

Of course, when the occasion arises, we are indeed expected to dress accordingly but how do men really dress up? Why, with a suit, obviously.

Unfortunately, a bad fitting suit can actually make you look more like a clown rather than a dashing man.

There are a certain set of rules to follow when it comes to wearing a good suit.

You might have the wrong pants cut, you might be wearing a coat that’s too big or too small, and you might even be matching it with the wrong pair of shoes!

Every single detail counts when it comes to a suit.

Tying a tie isn’t just getting the knot to look decent but the length should be no longer than the belt buckle, and no shorter than the belly button.

You can also experiment with fun and crazy colours but ensure they fit according to the situation. It’s best to skip that funky bright coloured one for job interviews. You can never go wrong with an elegant black tie too.

Meanwhile, opt for a black belt with a simple, un-over-the-top buckles. Those cowboy buckles are not welcomed.

If your suit needs a pair of cufflinks, try to get one which can match well with the rest of your look. I.e, if you’re wearing a navy suit, perhaps stick to a classy silver pair.

Lastly, your beard matters too! There are only two styles acceptable for the professional scene. Check out the video below to see how important beard maintenance matters:

Every man should have at least one set of suit in their lives for important occasions just like how every women should own a black dress.

For more fun tips about men’s fashion, check out Dresscode by DW on tonton.

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