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75 Years of IKEA: From a Simple Idea to a Bustling Business Model

For over 75 years, IKEA is driven by the belief that furniture can be affordable without sacrificing principles of quality, design and sustainability.

What started as a small post order business has grown into a household name across 50 markets – all with the same goal to provide a better everyday life at home for the many people.

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, IKEA has introduced the GRATULERA collection that brings back some of the most loved products from three different time periods i.e. 1950-1960’s, 1970-1980’s and 1990-2000’s.

The first wave of the iconic range from the 1950-1960’s is available at IKEA stores and on from October 2018 onwards, followed by products from the 1970-1980’s and 1990-2000’s in December 2018.

Gerard Jansen, Deputy Retail Director, IKEA Southeast Asia, said,

“It’s our pleasure to celebrate this remarkable journey of making home a better place, but it would have never been possible without our customers.

“We are taking this opportunity to thank them by re-introducing IKEA home furnishing products that were once appreciated for their exceptional form, functionality, quality, sustainability and low price.

“We would love to reignite the special memories that count for each of our customers and continue to do so for the next 75 years.”

Concurrent with the celebration of its heritage and the nostalgia of yesteryear, IKEA has unveiled its year-long focus in response to the evolving trends and people’s needs at home.

Make Home Count is a renewed proposition to help individuals and families of different composition organise their homes, create meaningful environment and spaces, as well as living the sustainable way.

Jansen explained,

“As our life progresses through many stages, it is important to understand how people feel about home, and not just what they do under the roof.

“Through Make Home Count, we want to inspire and show how Malaysians can embrace various changes of life and build feel-good homes that truly complement our lifestyle and growth.”

According to the IKEA Life at Home study, having “too much stuff” is the single biggest cause of stress in modern homes.

Therefore, the first focus area of the year-long theme, titled Make Home Count For You highlights on how to turn personal space into a sanctuary to rest and repair. The campaign is currently underway at all IKEA stores.

The new 2019 IKEA Catalogue is now available in hard copy and soft copy at

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