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Let’s face it, we all need to go someplace different and do something different every now and then; breathe a fresher air, eat a spicier food and walk a little more. With a hectic daily lifestyle a short getaway is all that we crave for. 

Located strategically between Kuala Lumpur and Penang, this once-industrious tin mining city, is only around 2 and a half hours away from Kuala Lumpur, giving you the chance to experience a different view, eat different food and most importantly do different things just a quick drive from KL! 

This capital city of Perak has gained prominence for its pristine historical landmarks as well as a unique fusion of art and history in its architecture and ambience, attracting hordes of tourists, local and international every year.

Below are 8 things that you should NEVER miss doing when you planned of visiting Ipoh soon: 

1. Visit a Ho Yan Hor tea museum

Image via TripAdvisor

You see an Ipoh short vacay is simply incomplete without a trip to museums. With a number of museums dotted around the city of Ipoh offering a variety of things to learn about the beautiful city and its people, you should NEVER miss the chance to turn on your intellectual mode when visiting Ipoh next time!

Image via Emily2U

If you’re a fan of local herbal tea, Ho Yan Hor is certainly a household brand that you must have heard of and tried. Established as part of the cultural and economic heritage of Ipoh, the museum is a homage to Dr. Ho Kai Cheong, the founder of the century old tea brand as well as the country’s successful pharmaceutical pioneer. 

Grab the chance to learn not just about the history but also the types of herbs that can help remedy many of your regular sicknesses; from a headache, frequent fever to even period cramps.

There’s nothing that a natural remedy can’t fix! 

Apart from the lovely decor perfect for OOTD at every angle of the museum, you will also be attended by warm and friendly staffs who would be more happy to serve you with a cup of hot refreshing herbal tea at the end of your informative tour and also help suggest a suitable tea type for your specific health concern. Don’t we all love a cuppa? 

Address: No. 1, Jalan Bijeh Timah (Treacher Street), Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours: 10am – 4pm daily, except Mondays

 Admission Fees: FREE 

Get more information here

2. Take OOTD along Ipoh Mural Art Trail 

Ipoh is famous for many things, and that includes its renowned unique mural art trail which is one the most-highly visited street art trails in Malaysia apart from another famous one in Penang.

Those of you who love taking OOTDs, you can just NEVER miss checkin’ out all these awesome and unique wall street arts to Ipoh!

Pretty sure selecting ones to upload will be one difficult task! 

Part of the collaboration between the renowned Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic and OLDTOWN White Coffee, this mural art trail or better known as “Art of OLDTOWN” depicts the classic and simple beauty of the “old town” that is Ipoh with coffee being the main theme of the art. 

Image via Malaysia Asia

Zacharevic who has previously worked with infamous street arts of Penang, Johor Bahru and Singapore fell in love with the unique heritage and culture of Ipoh and created 7 masterpieces in total around the city of Ipoh that will leave you gawking when you first lay your eyes on them. 

Get your OOTD and photography creative juice flow with all these majestic murals to capture y’all! 

Address: Across the town of Ipoh

Opening Hours: All day, everyday! 

 Admission Fees: Of course FREE lah!  

Get more information here 

3. Dine in Labu Sayong Signature Restaurant

Image via Labu Sayong

After one whole day of immersing yourself in the unique ambiance that Ipoh holds, head to Labu Sayong Restaurant to give your tummy some TLC. Priding itself in serving only you only the best of Perakian dishes, a dining experience in this restaurant will be a memorable one. 

Image via Labu Sayong

Housed in a traditional Perakian house called “Rumah Kutai”which is picture perfect at every angle, this restaurant serves authentic Perakian lunch, evening tea and dinner set. And if you don’t know what to go with, worry not, there’s definitely plenty to choose from. Like a whopping 50 mouth-watering menus to choose from!  *drools*

Image via Labu Sayong

Oh, and did we mention they pride authenticity so much that some dishes are served in tiffins, a traditional lunch box predominantly found in some Asian regions? #TiffinFTW

Imagine via Labu Sayong

What’s that? I think we can hear  your tummies singing! *winks*

Address: Persiaran Meru Raya 1, Bandar Meru Raya, 30020 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan

Opening Hours: 11.30 am – 10.00 pm (last order at 9.30 pm), Sunday until Thursday

Get more information here

4. Take a stroll through Gunung Lang Recreational Park   

Image via Cheritera Kami

The hectic city life would propel us to do anything just to inhale that fresh air by the countryside right? Therefore, a trip to Ipoh is certainly not complete without paying a brief visit to Gunung Lang Recreational Park. 

Yes, there’s plenty of natural wonders to appreciate when you travel to Ipoh, but for a difference sake, why don’t you give this one a go? 


Image via Orang Perak

First opened almost 17 years ago, you’ll be quick to notice the man-made cascading waterfall on top of a limestone hill when you first set your foot to this park. 

The park which is made around the limestone hills of Gunung Lang and Gunung Bilike has a scenic lake which requires a boat ride for you to fully appreciate its beauty. 

Image via Flickriver

Plus,don’t miss treading along the 2km broadwalk over the swamp and lookout towers. And let your kids let their hair down at the playground, campsite and mini zoo available within the park.

Address: Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang, Off Jalan Kuala Kangsar, 30010 Ipoh, Perak. 

Opening Hours

8am – 12noon / 1.30pm – 7pm (Monday to Thursday)
 8am – 12noon / 2.45pm – 4pm (Friday)
 8am – 6.30pm (Weekends and Public Holidays)

 Admission Fees: (Boat Ride Fees)
Adults – RM3
Children (3 – 12 years old) – RM1.50
Senior citizens (above 55 years old) – RM1.50

Get more information here

5. Enjoy Ais Kepal

Image via Rebecca Saw

In humid weather such as Malaysia, we leap at the sighting of ice cream stalls or anything that will just help quench our thirst. Ergo, when you come to Ipoh it is commanded upon you to try Ais Kepal, a unique traditional ice ball drizzled with colourful sugar syrup and served in a brown wrapping paper. Okay, we don’t know about you, but we’re drooling now! 

This super-traditional street ice treat can be found in Bits and Bobs, a small vintage corner shop located in Kong Heng Square, a few steps away from Plan B. 

The shop which sells bits and bobs of vintage collection of books, accessories and toys sells a variety other finger-licking ice treats, (as you can see in the picture above) but if you go to Ipoh and miss this treat, it’s as if you’ve never gone to Ipoh at all. 

Image via Rebecca Saw

If there’s two words that can describe happiness right now, it would be this ais kepal! 

Address: 99 Jalan Sultan Yussuf (@ Kong Heng Square), 30000 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours:

10:00 am – 5:30 pm (Monday)

10:00 am – 5:30 pm (Wednesday – Sunday)

6. Have a blast at MAPS, Perak

Looking for an all-round fun-filled experience during your stay in Ipoh? Then, MAPS, Perak is your answer. 

MAPS which stands for Movie Animation Park Studios, dubbed Asia’s First Animation Theme Park in which some of Asia including Malaysia’s animation product is showcased and paraded on has over 40 attractions in 6 thematic zones. 

Image via Hardware Zone Forums

Built on a colourful eye-popping concept, this theme park houses an all time kids’ favorites animation shows such as The Smurfs and the local favourite of BoboiBoy, making your children’s trip to Ipoh to be an unforgettable one!

Image via The Sundaily

If you’re listing MAPS as one of your must-visit Ipoh’s itinerary, just be sure to come early because the queue to get in can be considerably long for your patience to last.

Address: 3, Persiaran Meru Raya, 31200 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours

10 am – 6 pm (Monday to Friday)

10 am – 10pm (Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays and School Holidays)

 Admission Fees

  MyKad Online Day Pass Day Pass
Adult RM144 RM152
Child RM114 RM120

Get more information here 

7. Get bewildered in Funtasy House Trick Art 

Image via TripAdvisor

Let’s admit it, with the dawn of the Instagram era, we leap at the sights of backgrounds that are Insta-worthy. Now, with the opening of Funtasy House Trick in Ipoh,  this city is simply gearing up its game to be the most Insta-worthy destination in Malaysia. 

Image via TripAdvisor

Officially opened to visitors back in 2015, the gallery is part of the local artistic community to restore the local heritage courtyard shop house.

Housing more than 20 different drawings and murals by 9 local artists, the gallery prides itself with its unique theme of funtasy, a blend between fun and fantasy. 

Image via Funtasy House t

Take from us, you can NEVER have too many pictures. This gallery is a must-visit to infuse your Insta feed with a difference. 

Address: 16, Jalan Market, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Opening Hours

9am – 6pm (Monday – Friday)

 9am – 8pm (Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays)

 Admission Fees

   MyKad Holder   Non-MyKad Holder 
 Adult  RM15  RM19
 Child & Senior Citizen  RM10  RM10
 Student (with student card)  RM10  
 OKU Card Holder   FREE  FREE

Get more information here

8. Get your tummy filled up with Nasi Ganja

Image via VKeong

Your visit to Ipoh is NOT complete at all if you do not sweat while queuing and enjoying this mouth-watering plateful of nasi ganja!

If only we could taste the food just by looking at the picture *drools and sighs*


Image via VKeong

And you must be slightly worried about what they put in the dish when you first heard the name right? A lot of theories surfaced regarding how the name nasi ganja is derived from. Some say its from the local pronunciation of nasi kandar while some say its because of the addictive feeling that you get from eating the food. Because it’s just way too good folks! 

Regardless of the theory, the dish simply has got Malaysians of all backgrounds, colour and creed to be lining up everyday to get their fill at this “Perniagaan Nasi Kandar Ayam Merah” operating under a classic coffee shop called Yong Suan. 

Image via The Star Online

There is more than 18 dishes served daily for your liking, but one dish in particular; Ayam Merah is the star of the show. Deeply marinated in spices and fried and coated with thick kuah kari, we bet you’d drive all the way from wherever you are just to get your hands on this piece of culinary beauty. 

Image via Sizzling Suzai

For those of you who are up for some next level of food experience, this is one food paradise you just can’t afford to miss!

Address: Rumah Tumpangan dan Kedai Kopi Yong Suan, 2, Jalan Yang Kalsom, 30250 Ipoh, Perak

Opening Hours

9.30 am – 6 pm

Get more information here 




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