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Adorable Disney Yukatas Now For Sale

Yukatas are those gorgeous traditional Japanese outfits we see often. More people would know it as a kimono but the yukata is an informal and lightweight summer version of it.

According to Nextshark, a Japanese fashion company called Poneycomb Tokyo recently released a new line of this garment but with all our favourite Disney characters printed on them!

These cute outfits are easy to wear too because they come with tsukiriobi, a waistband which is easy for anyone to put on. This eliminates the need to tie the rather tricky sash or obi around.

There’s also a pre-tied ribbon which you can slip on to give it that proper obi look. As if wearing a yukata isn’t easy enough as compared to kimonos

There are six different designs (from left to right); Daisy Duck, Mickey Mouse, Clarice from Chip ‘n’ Dale, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Max, and Donald Duck.

Each of these Disney-printed yukatas cost 12,960 yen (RM468) each! What a price but they are extremely adorable though.

If the price is too much, you can check out Uniqlo’s online store which sells this garment in different patterns too.



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