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For the longest of time, Asians were not usually put on the highlight of ‘good looks’. The world saw double-eyelids, thick lips, and ‘bigger assets’ to be the typical features when it comes to looking good.

Thankfully, this era is all about a change in direction from the traditionally attractive aspect. More people are appreciative of Asians’ looks now. Woohoo!

To prove this positive change, The 100 Most Beautiful Faces series created by TC Chandler, where each year the list will name 100 of the most gorgeous ladies from around the world, have added more Asian people into the list.

We’ve got a variety of these hotties too. They’re from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, India and more!

Here’s the list of Asian ladies for 2017 in countdown style:

99 Kyulkyung (Zhou Jieqiong) Singer from I.O.I China
96 Kim Domingo Actress Philippines
93 Chelsia Islan Actress Indonesia
89 Urvashi Rautela Actress & Model India
88 Park Shin Hye Actress South Korea
84 Niki Niwa Model Japan
78 Nadine Lustre Actress & Singer Philippines
75 Zhu Zhu Actress & Model China
73 Alia Bhat Actress & Singer India
71 Jessy Mendiola Actress Philippines
69 Jessica Jung Singer & Designer South Korea
66 Praya Lundberg Actress & Model Thailand
62 Go Ara Actress & Model South Korea
60 Kathryn Bernardo Actress & Singer Philippines
57 Yumi Wong Actress & Model Malaysia
55 Irene (Bae Joo Hyun) Singer from Red Velvet South Korea
51 Suzy (Bae Su Ji) Actress & Singer South Korea
49 Lin Yun Actress & Model China
46 Lauren Tsai Model & Illustrator China
44 Raisa Andriana Singer Indonesia
40 Kim Tae Yeon Singer South Korea
38 Nana Komatsu Actress & Model Japan
37 Deepika Padukone Actress & Model India
36 Natasha Wilona Actress & Model Indonesia
34 Satomi Ishihara Actress & Model Japan
32 Lee Sung Kyung Actress & Model South Korea
30 Urassaya Sperbund Actress & Model Thailand
26 Dilraba Dilmurat Actress & Model China
25 Priyanka Chopra Actress & Model India
23 Kang Seul Gi Singer from Red Velvet South Korea
21 Sana Minatozaki Singer from Twice Japan
18 Jennie Kim Singer from Blackpink South Korea
15 Lisa (Lalisa Manoban) Singer from Blackpink Thailand
8 Ju Jing Yi Actress & Singer from SNH48 China
5 Nana (Im Jin Ah) Actress, Model & Singer from After School South Korea
3 Chou Tzuyu Singer from Twice Taiwan
1 Liza Soberano Actress, Model & Singer Philippines

How wonderful it is to see an Asian at the no.1 spot! This isn’t the first time though as Nana was able to secure the first place in 2014 and 2015.

Luckily we’ve got a Malaysian in the list too. Thank you Yumi for #representing us.

As we can see, South Koreans mostly dominated the list but a Filipina came out first in this global comparison! Liza Soberano even beat out worldwide beauties such as Gal Gadot, Jourdan Dunn, Jasmine Sanders, Emma Watson and more.

To make things more interesting, TC Chandler even added a list of 100 Most Handsome Faces in 2013, according to Nextshark.

Here’s a countdown of the most handsome guys for 2017:

99 Taeyong Singer from NCT South Korea
96 Takanori Itawa Actor & Dancer Japan
92 Joe Taslim Actor & Martial Artist Indonesia
88 Daniel Matsunaga Actor, Athlete, Model & Host Japan & Philippines
85 Shahid Kapoor Actor India
84 Lee Min Ho Actor South Korea
81 Kento Yamazaki Actor & Model Japan
79 Nadech Kugimiya Actor & Model Thailand
76 Dimash Kudaibergen Singer Kazakhstan
72 Cheon Won Woo Singer from Seventeen South Korea
70 Mark Tuan Singer from GOT7 Taiwan
68 Aliando Syarief Actor & Singer Indonesia
66 Jin Akanishi Singer & Entertainer Japan
64 Park Jimin Singer from BTS South Korea
61 Enrique Gil Actor Philippines
60 Kris Wu Yi Fan Actor, Model, Singer & Rapper China
58 Mario Maurer Actor & Model Thailand
51 Hrithik Roshan Actor India
49 Kim Min Gyu Singer from Seventeen South Korea
47 Big Matthew (Kim Jin Seok/Woo Jin) Singer from K.A.R.D South Korea
45 Lu Han Actor & Singer China
42 Takuya Terada Actor, Model & Singer Japan
40 Choi Si Won Actor, Model & Singer from Super Junior South Korea
38 Kai (Kim Jong In) Actor & Singer from EXO South Korea
35 Jackson Wang Actor, Model & Singer from GOT7 Taiwan
31 Sidath Malhotra Actor India
27 Kim Jonghyun The Late Radio DJ, Writer, Songwriter, Dancer & Singer from SHINee South Korea
23 Nam Joo Hyuk Actor & Model South Korea
21 Godfrey Gao Actor & Model Taiwan
19 Taeyang (Dong Yong Bae) Songwriter & Singer from Big Bang South Korea
13 Jeon Jungkook Singer from BTS South Korea
9 Oh Se Hun Actor & Singer from EXO South Korea
4 James Reid Actor, Model & Singer Philippines
1 V (Kim Tae Hyung) Singer from BTS South Korea

It seems like the world can’t get enough of Asians anymore. Thanks to the ever-expanding KPOP influence, South Koreans have been spreading the yellow fever like fire.

Many great boyband members were named in this list with BTS’ V coming out on top of everyone else. Even the late Jonghyun wasn’t discounted either from the list.

Well, with such an angelic face like Jonghyun’s how could he NOT be in the list right?

Well, tell us who is your favourite on this list? Is there anyone else you’d like to see added in here as well?

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