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Attention, Chicken Rice Lovers! This 3kg Plate is Meant for You

Chicken rice is everyone’s favourite food, especially for those living in Asian countries. Chicken rice is a staple food for us Malaysians as it is originated from early Chinese immigrants from the Hainan province in southern China.

But have you ever seen a whole 3kgs worth of chicken rice on one plate? Dear chicken rice lovers, are you up for the challenge to finish the whole thing?

The restaurant which sells this enormous and famous chicken rice is located at Bangkok, Thailand!

It is called Sri Leung Po Cha Na and their plate of chicken rice is not the usual size as it weighs at least 3kgs!

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The gigantic chicken rice consists of two kilos of fragrant rice and one kilo of delicious chicken alongside slices of cucumber and blood pudding.

Though the dish is extraordinarily big, the price will not make your wallet bleed because it only costs 550 baht (RM68.81)!

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Just look at the size of the chicken rice. It’s even bigger than a person’s face! 

According to the restaurant owner, the size of the chicken rice can feed at least 6 or more people, depending on you and your friends’ appetites!

It is very suitable for parties and celebrations too where many people get to share the whole plate.

So, if you are feeling hungry, just go for the challenge as the rules are very simple; you have to finish it alone within one hour. If you make it, you’ll get the meal for free.

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Besides, you get to choose different types of chicken to go with your chicken rice. There are two types of chicken; the steamed chicken and the fried chicken.

If you are super indecisive or just love both kinds, you can opt for the mixed platter.

The owner explains that the inspiration she got for the gigantic chicken rice is from a Japanese shows called Big Eater.

After watching the show, she suddenly wanted to have a chicken rice version of ‘Big Eater’ too.

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If you are not a fan of chicken rice, there are other Thai dishes in the restaurant to fit your appetite as well.

Don’t be shy to visit this popular restaurant with your family and friends if you are planning for a future trip to Bangkok.

Image via Facebook

For more information on the restaurant’s food and location, you can check out their official Facebook page

Sri Leung Po Cha Na

Address: 1511/71-74 Soi Rongnang, Phaon Yothin Road, 10400 Bangkok (Take the BTS to Saphan Khwai (N7) Exit 1)
Opening Hours: 8.00am – 3.30pm
Phone Number: +66 86 326 8586

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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