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A&W is Still in Business with its 47th Outlet in Malaysia

Who doesn’t remember the good old taste of Root Beer (RB) from the legendary A&W?

A few years back, some A&W outlets were either up for sale or replaced with another franchise. The situation was alarming as it looked like things took a toll on A&W.

But the game has changed for the 100-year-old fast food brand as they celebrated the opening of their 47th outlet in Malaysia on 6th March at EkoCheras Mall.

The event was attended by up-and-coming Malaysian singer-actress, Nabila Razali, CEO of A&W Malaysia, George Ang and the Director of Supply Chain & Technical, A Great American Brand Sdn. Bhd, David Lee.

Coming back stronger with a fresh new effervescent vibe, the new outlet plans to rejuvenate the A&W brand in Malaysia, targeting it to a young new generation of discerning consumers.

George Ang, CEO of A&W Malaysia said,

“These are exciting times indeed for the fast food industry, and we believe the time and market conditions are ripe to revive the A&W image in Malaysia to modern consumers who can look forward to a fresh new experience at our stores, in line with our expansion plans.”

The brand has been in Malaysia for 56 years and Malaysians really enjoy the memories that the fast food chain brings to them. A&W has also renamed a few products including ‘Root Beer’ to ‘RB’ and ‘Corney Dog’ to ‘Chicken Corney’ or ‘Beef Corney’.

These actions have been taken to comply and adhere to guidelines set by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

Being certified Halal by JAKIM is a commitment that A&W makes to provide customers with the finest quality of food, satisfactory service and a warm and welcoming environment.

In keeping Malaysians and its consumers at heart, A&W has now conceptualised plans to leverage on its rich heritage and legacy in Malaysia to make a big comeback, reclaiming the hearts and minds of young consumers.

It really looks like Malaysians are in for a treat with A&W where they are set to create many more stories and memories, truly making the brand a taste to remember.

Let’s go grab a cup of RB and enjoy those Chicken Coney now! 

Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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