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Be ‘Sharp O’Clock’ with The Blade by Sevenfriday’s First W-Series

An accessory that is functional is also designed meticulously to suit with the sense of style and fashion: Sevenfriday is a global lifestyle brand that designs, manufactures and sells industrial inspired watches, bracelets and sunglasses for users who treat every day like it’s Friday.

Gleaming in the latest Sevenfriday watch collection is the first of its W-Series the daunting, The Blade a.k.a. W1/01. The watch is maintained with the signature ‘squround’ (square + round) shape but with a more complex interior technology. 

Inspired by the saw blade, the all-new wristwatch captures the mighty essence of an industrial power tool without compromising on detailed precision that are extremely subtle. 

The aesthetic of the saw blade is intricately brought forward in the watch’s case and interface, making it looking sharp on the owner’s wrist. 

The seamless presentation is exclusively designed with true artisanal craftsmanship. 

Like every other Sevenfriday watches, The Blade is functioned with a multi-level interface construction dial. The five-layer interface is accented with a rich colour palette of black matt, gun metal and matt rhodium. 

The magical touches of the watch are elevated with a stripped back and exposed mechanical presence to reveal the complexities and elegance of the luxurious watch. 
The Blade’s three-piece construction case is fortified with the harded K1 mineral glass and anti reflective coating.   

These features secures the insides and shields the customised Miyota automatic 82S7 engine inside the watch. 

The watch is further embellished with bespoke yellow lining padded calf skin leather strap that can be easily replaced thanks to Sevenfriday’s ‘Fast Changing System’.

W1/01 is also chipped in connection with the official Sevenfriday App for easy watch verification and registration.

The multi-level interface also features a centralised 12H disc, which draws the saw blade into shape. The 60 seconds function runs with a disc at 5H mark while the indicator at 9H.

Here are some of the other specifications of The Blade: 

Case Three-piece construction with harded K1 mineral glass box
Interface Five layers construction dial (multi-level principle)
Engine Automatic movement: Customised Miyota 82S7
Strap Black padded calf skin leather 
Functions  Hours, minutes, seconds, night and day
Buckle Polished stainless steel, Fast Changing System (FCS pusher on the left side) 

Capturing the energetic power tool with subtle precision design, The Blade keeps you looking sharp as ever while keeping track of time with its impressive functions and mechanism. 

The magnificent industrial saw blade inspired piece is brought to you by Red Army Watches Malaysia’s official distributor for the brand. 

The Blade aka W101 is available at all Red Army Watches outlets:

  • 1 Utama Shopping Centre
  • Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
  • Gurney Plaza 
  • (Sunway Velocity)
  • Sevenfriday Space (Shoppes at Four Seasons Place)

For more information do visit

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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