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Being a Mother is Super Tough! So, Lady’s Choice Made Things Easier For Mums

Many will think that being a mother is the toughest job in the world because she needs to balance between house chores, taking care of the kids and work. 

Being a mother is definitely a difficult task already, let alone measuring up to the ideas of being a ‘perfect mum’.

The increasingly high standard of motherhood has become ingrained in our culture today as most of the parents will strive to provide the best for their kids. 

In order to break the stereotype of being the perfect mum, Malaysia’s leading mayonnaise brand, Lady’s Choice announced the launch of the Ibu Sejati programme which is a nationwide awareness campaign.

Ibu Sejati is more than just a statement – it also puts out a powerful message of “tiada ibu yang sempurna, hanya ibu yang sejati” which means that no mother is perfect but all mothers are sincere.

The campaign highlights three real-life Malaysian mothers telling their own inspiring stories on how they cope with their day-to-day struggles.

All these emotionally-engaging stories will be delivered through a series of videos. The amazing mothers are; working mum Wan Musfirah Aimi, single mum Natalie Hussin and full-time housewife Normayani Isa.

Marketing Director of Foods & Refreshments, Uniliver (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd, Shiv Sahgal said:

“The role of a mother has evolved with greater responsibilities in today’s fast paced enviroment – from finding the balance between careers, being a dutiful wife and raising her kids, while having time for herself.

“The multitude resources on the internet, while inspiring could, also mount to peer pressure amongst parents, often striking the fear in them that they are not doing enough for their children.”

The campaign also introduces the new packaging of Lady’s Choice mayonnaise which will be sporting an unconventional look in a sleek and convenient jar that maintains it’s goodness as an easy, versatile and efficient solution that can ease all mothers’ job on preparing tasty and nutritious sandwiches. 

Lady’s Choice has also established a unique content collaboration with Media Prima Television Networks in order to expand its reach and engage with millions of mothers through its leading television platforms. 

Johan Ishak, Chief Executive Officer of Media Prima Televison Networks said:

“Of all collaborations we’ve had with Unilever brands over the years, this produces one of the most gratifying outcomes from a creative standpoint.

“‘Ibu Sejati’ campaign carries such a meaningful message and it deserves to be heard across millions of households nationwide.

“We are fully on board with Lady’s Choice and stand behind their inspiring move to help mothers to cope with their struggles especially in the morning.”

Lady’s Choice will be going on a nationwide activation to connect with Malaysian mums and provide ongoing nutrition education from the month of April to September 2018.

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To celebrate Mother’s Day 2018, Lady’s Choice will be rewarding mothers with exclusive spa vouchers in the month of May. The new packaging of Lady’s Choice mayonnaise is now available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and mini markets nationwide!

For more information, you can check out their Facebook

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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