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Bijan: The Handbag Every Malaysian is Talking About Now

Even fashion designers Oscar de la Renta and Giorgio Armani wear Bijan suits.

However, a women’s collection began in 2014 with a line of made-to-order handbags in a variety of colours.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a bag in alligator leather with palladium hardware costs about US$65,000, and can go up to US$175,000 if embellished with diamonds.

The store is said to be the most expensive in the world where clients shop in the most luxurious surroundings, and items on offer include custom suits, perfumes, watches and even limited edition Bugatti and Rolls Royce cars.

During the press conference to announce items seized from the residences of former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Amar Singh had said that the Bijan bag seized was custom-made and not available in the market.

It was among the 567 handbags from the 37 brands that were seized during raids conducted by the police in Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur.

The other brands included Hermès, Chanel and Prada.

The most expensive handbag in the collection, Amar Singh said, was believed to be worth RM1.6 million.

He also revealed that the 272 Hermes bags alone were valued at RM51.3 million.

Last month, when the police conducted raids which saw a sizeable haul of 284 boxes of what was reported to be designer handbags, in particular, the Hermès Birkin, Malaysians were incensed.

The least expensive Hermès bag is a US$550 canvas pouch, but its iconic handbags – the Birkin and the Kelly – can only be bought in-store, usually with a waiting period.

From, “The cost of new Birkins range from US$12,000 to more than US$200,000, and they regularly sell on the secondary market for more than their original sales price.”

The Birkin is handcrafted and typically made of leather as well as the exotic skins of lizard, alligator and ostrich. Prices are also pushed up by the option of gold plating on the bag hardware and embellishments from precious stones.

The Birkin has reputation for being the most expensive handbag in the world when a version of it was sold at US$380,000 at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong. It is encrusted with 205 diamonds and made of crocodile skin that’s been dyed a rare gradient white.

Equally as luxurious and iconic is Chanel where its quilted double flap bag is not only made of lambskin leather but also the more exotic alligator and python.

On the Chanel website, a flap bag made of PVC is advertised at RM10,850 while a lambskin and lizard skin version is shown at RM34,000.

Prada is based in Milan, Italy and is arguably one of the more accessible designer brands for the average shopper.

There are three Prada stores in Malaysia and products can also be purchased at high-end shopping portals such as A new Prada leather wallet retails for US$470, while a handbag can go for about US$3,500.

Source: NST

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狗(1946 / 1958 / 1970 / 1982 / 1994) 肖狗的朋友一洗去年犯太岁停滞不定的衰气,今年的运气还算是相当畅旺。肖狗的朋友因为去年冲犯太岁,所以上半年运气还是不很稳定。 不过由于今年命宫中有贵人星的出现, 同时又是「天喜桃花年」,所以运程会有渐渐好转的迹象。 【事业运】 事业方面,今年因为命宫中有地位提升的吉星出现,所以今年的事业运也有不错的表现。不过在人缘交际方面,今年还是要小心是非和权力被夺,避免惹上意想不到的麻烦! 【财运】 财运方面今年还算是不错,只要好好把握机会,应用得当,今年可算是一个丰收年。 【爱情运】 感情方面因为人缘佳,所以进展也相当不错。不过今年心情容易孤独不开朗,偶尔会让身旁的朋友无从可适。此外,伴侣之间的争执问题也相当的多,同时还必须要防范第三者的介入,以免破坏感情。 【健康运】 健康方面因为今年容易受病魔缠绕, 所以必须要注意身体健康。 ✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿✿ 【幸运号码】 7271 、 8110 【开运颜色】 白色、绿色、红色 【开运贴士】 今年建议多和伴侣出外旅游或烛光晚餐。此外,也建议在农历的三月份和九月份洗牙捐血以应血光之灾!   ■ 资料提供:风水达人何宜娟《猪年报喜2019己亥年开运大全》 ■ 您也可透过八度空间于2019年2月5日(年初一)中午12时观看电视版《丰衣足食己亥年》

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